Thursday, 16 March 2017

From BenitoM - First French Hussars Regiment(80 points)

My (likely) last contribution to the Challenge this year is an additional and full completed Hussars unit (it seems I like to self-retribute me painting difficult uniforms). This time in the unfiorm of the First Hussars Regiment a.k.a.  "Le Bleus".

As in my other units, this comprises 8 models including trumpeter and officer.

The models are all Perry Miniatures,  5 from the plastic box and three (the command group) from a metal blister.

With this unit I bag an additional 80 points to my score, totalling now 400. I'm 100 short of my target (500) and I don't think I shall be able catch-up before the weekend. It is true that I'm working on a command base for my cavalry division (2 x Hussars, 2 x Dragoons, 2 x Cuirassiers and 1 x Chasseurs) but it would be difficult to finish it before the end of the Challenge.

In any case I'd like to show here a sneak peek of the WIP in the command base (you're so vain, I hear Carly Simon singing while writing this), but I don't want to be scoring any points until finished.. if on time!.

Another really beatiful sculpture of the Perry bros., a blister with thre models inspired in the cavalry charge paint at La Rotonde in the Waterloo site.

Benito, those Hussars of the first are just plain gorgeous! that blue is very striking and I can easily understand their moniker! I really like the color you teased out of them too. If it wasn't for the Perrys and the plastic kits, I probably wouldn't have aqquired any 28mm Napoleonics, but seeing our command group...maybe a few extra bucks could be found to spruce up the regiments!
It has been a pleasure to get first look at your Napoleonics this year, The Cav are hotly contesting the right's to being labeled favorite, but the Portuguese were not lacking and foot-sloggers are near and dear to my heart.
I do hope you are able to complete the Division Command, you are off to a grand start with it! The gold trim is excellent on the Commander! You have every right to be vain as it is work like yours that makes the Napoleonics look so cool. Of course, it also makes me a touch leery of my own skills trying to match the standard! ;)


  1. That is top-shelf work Benito. The blue is truly striking. Very, very nice.

  2. Works of art, Benito, full of the dash and elan that one expects of French hussars.
    OMG, Marshall Ney - I can't wait to see him done, he is fantastic.
    I have really enjoyed your Napoleonics entries this year.

  3. brilliant figures, I really like that vibrant blue tone!

  4. Fantastic frenchies! They look awesome!
    Best Iain

  5. Lovely Hussars Benitio! The First for the Win! AND I look forward to seeing that Ney completed soon ('You probably think this song is about you...').

  6. Lovely looking Hussards Benito. I did the same regiment for SYW, back when they were Bercheny's Hussards.