Sunday, 24 December 2017

From BenitoM: First Volley - British Line Napoleonics (104 Points)

I started my Christmas break on Friday afternoon and displayed my painting table immediately after arriving home. My project for this Challenge runs around  Napoleonics both in 20 and 28mm.

I started with the 20mms and after a couple of intensive days I managed to paint a couple of British battalions for General d’Armee. We have agreed to use 4 bases per “standard” battalion at the club to play this rules.

The Old Gronards in the hobby will realize that these minis are old veteran Airfix. And indeed old they are: they belong to my collection built during the 70s and many have seen bloody battles in the main hall of my parents house, where my younger brother and I used to deploy our French and British armies and used marbles (or a 54mm plastic cowboy figure) as weapons to decide the battle.

Great memories that compensate the lack of detail they suffer, specially compared to other more modern plastic ranges by HaT, Revell or Italeri.

By the way the Rifles in the skirmish base are from Italeri and were acquired much later (actually in this century)

With this entry I score my first points: 26 minis x 4 = 104 points. This is also my opening move for the Black Powder Challenge (I’ll be contacting Millsy).

As today is 24th December, I also take advantage of the post to wish you a very Merry Christmas in the company of your family, relatives and loved ones


Great work, Benito! I really like seeing these old school plastics getting some love and attention. Even though they are a little long in the tooth, some of the figures still possess a wonderful sense of animation (that loading figure is particularly excellent). I like the vibrant colours you've used for these chaps, especially the red. 

104 points to mark your debut on the roster - a superb opening gambit, Benito. Now, let's see some reinforcements to back up this lot. :)


  1. Wow - THAT is old school! Well done Benito!

  2. OMG you're taking back 40+ years Benito. I had lots of these figures in my teenage years, horribly painted in humbrol oils.
    Yours are lovely and bringing gave many memories.

  3. A fantastic start to the challenge Benito! Well done on making such vintage figures looks so good!

  4. Great to see the old Airfix figures getting an airing Benito. Although I like the Revell Rifles better than the Italeri ones, you have painted them up very well!

  5. Neither my period nor my scale, but you‘ve done some oüimpressive work on these! Oldies but goldies, eh?

  6. Oh , proper memories there. Good old Airfix, good stuff

  7. Those do indeed bring back memories! Mine now belong to my son.
    I love that vibrant red you gave them and they look perfect ranked up in battle formation!

  8. I'm amazed those old figs haven't crumbled to dust like the ancient relics they are - you must really have looked after them! That's an amazing battalion and not just because of the age of its troops, that's top paint-and-groundwork as well.

  9. That's so cool Benito. I had a metric ton of these gifted to me by a mate and we had some brilliant big battles with them. Ours were never so well painted though!

  10. Lovely work on these old plastics, mine were never painted at all!
    Best Iain

  11. Nice work on the Airfix figures Benito :)

    Hopefully you've got some more saved up for the "childhood" bonus theme round :)