Sunday, 24 December 2017

From NickJ: Skaven Warlord Checking In (7 Points)

Once Upon a Second Challenge...

Well here we are then at the beginning of my second Challenge and this time I've decided to paint a single figure to get me started and to remove that 0 points tally!

This year I shall mostly be painting GW Age of Sigmar which is different to last year in absolutely no way whatsoever. I like AoS :-)

Here then is my new Skaven Warlord with the first picture showing the complete figure and the others a little more close up!

"See that my little Rat? That's our target"

So that should be a nice 5 points for my first 28mm figure of this Challenge.

For those interested below are the units that I added to the army after the First Challenge completed:
Gore-Beast Chariot




Warp-Lightning Cannon
Everyone have yourselves a very Merry Christmas and a Paint-Tastic New Year!


Welcome back to the Challenge, Nick! Your Skaven warlord is brilliant. I really like what you've done with his banner and plague blade - great use of colour. I also like seeing the retrospective of what you've been up to since we last crossed paths. Again, very impressive work (that Warp-Lighting Cannon looks like it would wreck someone's day). 

He looks a bit bigger than an average 28mm figure, so I'm going to nudge it up a couple of points.

I look forward to seeing more Age of Sigmar goodness rolling off your paintdesk over the coming months!


  1. Great job Nick - it's always good to erase that goose egg and get a first figure submitted! Looking forward to seeing more Age of Sigmar as you go through this edition of the Challenge!

  2. Great work Nick! I’m just tipping my toe into AoS at the moment with a skirmish campaign, but I’m definitely enjoying the games.

  3. Very nice Nick and thanks for showing last year's results!

  4. Welcome back! Like what you’ve done with that Skaven warlord.

  5. Welcome back, Nick! That is a wonderful warlord for your skaven host! I like the spot colors and movement he has. Nice touch tying in the sky blue spot color with the beast men hordes too!

  6. That's a warlord fit to grace any table, or at least a table with a good selection of cheeses. Excellent work on this highly-ratted (sic) fig!

  7. That's a cracking effort Nick! Normally Skaven leave me cold but I love that skin tone. Really cool.

  8. Not a player of fantasy/scince fiction myslef but must reckon the effort put in painting those models. Congratualtions

  9. Lovely work, I've always had a soft spot for scaven and very nicely done!
    Best Iain

  10. Thank you all for your lovely feedback! It’s got me straight back to the painting table for more :)