Sunday, 24 December 2017

From ValeryN: 15mm Vehicles for my Soviet Army (24 Points)

Greetings to all!
It's time for me to get involved in the event and start showing what I'm painting.

The first part of the miniatures presented today are two self-propelled guns - ZIS-30. They were produced at the artillery plant No. 92 in the second half of 1941 by the open installation of the ZiS-2 anti-tank gun on the T-20 Komsomolets artillery tractor. This was a very rare vehicle for the Soviet Army. They were made only 100 (compared with 35,000 T-34s!). 

Also, I painted two sapper trucks. This addition to my roster of the engineer-sapper battalion, which I painted during the last year's challenge

A few more photos of painted models:

This is a total of 24 points.


First, welcome back to the Challenge, Valery!

The trucks are very good, and always useful on the tabletop, but that ZIS-30 is quite an interesting (if ungainly) looking vehicle.  As you point out, it was astonishingly rare in light of the typical Soviet production methods of this period. Something you don't normally see on a player's roster.

I like the weathered green that you've used for these models, it seems a little lighter than what you normally come across, I like how they 'pop' to the eye. Great work!


  1. Welcome aboard Valery, and a great entry to kick things off. I had never even heard of that self-propelled gun! You always see cool things in this Challenge. Good stuff!

  2. Nice work Valery. Always nice to see the rarer AFVs, but the crew look awfully exposed.

  3. Great work Valery, I love that gaming with the smaller scales means you can field more of the full range of units that made up an army.

  4. Very nice wheels and tracks Valery!

  5. Well done I say! Those ZIS-30‘s are definitely a rather unusual sight.

  6. Great work, nice to see someone else painting some 15mm stuff!

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks to everyone who supported me, as well as those who criticized. You are right, there is still something to continue to work on

  8. The tracks and trucks look really fine, Valery! Excellent weathering on them too. I enjoy seeing the rarer machines in the force and those ungainly looking beasties will make a great conversation piece for your force too!

  9. Always good to see some of the rarer vehicles of the war getting a look-in. Excellent work, Valery!

  10. Welcome to the madness Valery! Great looking vehicles. Good to see transports getting some attention.

  11. Welcome from me too. The final work is really nice, and I'll need to take a look to that little known vehicle for my own collection

  12. Those ZIS-30s are very unusual!

  13. Nice armour and trucks!
    Best Iain