Thursday, 28 December 2017

From TomM: Alpine Gnome Crossbowmen and Gold Mage (55 Points)

My last entry for the year 2017 to this venerable challenge, I decided on a regiment of another Kickstarter that went relatively below the radar: Alpine Gnomes by OS (Old School) Miniature Company.

These dimunutive fellas, suited for 32mm games like Warhammer of 9th Age, are excellent replacements for Halflings.

You know, those guys that haven`t reappeared since the End Times, as the Moot disappeared probably between breakfast and second breakfast from the Warhammer world, and they are a still awaiting lunchies before returning.  So ruleswise, they are a Crossbow regiment now in my Empire army.

I grabbed the "army deal" from the Kickstarter, so I have a heap of other characters, a troupe of villagers and some regiments to go for them still, so that will make a nice small compartment of my total force, which I aim to get to 4000 points by august for a Big Battle Event at TSA.

The models themselves are lovely to paint, nice and clean sculpts and the alpine hats give them a nice touch.  But I struggle with the bases.  Lasercut MDF was`t "a thing" when I went on a more then a half decade long hobby sabbatical, and when I returned to the fold past may, it seemed to be everywhere.  I still haven`t figured out a (non spraycan or airbrush) way to "prepare" them for example, so sorry that they look rather simple.

The lava-esque colourscheme on the other hand is to be totally "fitting in" with the rest of my Empre force (it`s on my own blog if you want to see it, under the The Armies tab) as I located my army to the Realm of Fire when Age of Sigmar was picked up by yours truly half a year ago.

I wish you all the best for 2018, and may all your (hobby) dreams come true!


Haha, these are very charming little guys, Tom. Your painting has really done a great job in highlighting their character (the wizard cracks me up). I actually quite like the bases - they have an almost anime look about them. 

55 points for you, sir! Happy New Year!


  1. Nice work Tom, but I don't see any of them laughing... :)

  2. Very nice painting. The green suits them perfectly.

  3. A very original unit! A very flashy green achieved

  4. Very nice! The bases really do enhance the overall look.

  5. Nicely done Tom! They are unique and a good counts as for the halflings too! ;)
    I rather like the bases and it almost seems I know the spell the wizard is casting...seems reflecting on the base! ;)

  6. What wonderfully characterful little chaps! Nice job on getting them done, that green is very striking.

  7. All the best wizards have pointy hats. The very best ones have cool yellow pointy hats! Nice work Tom, your stuff is refreshingly different and I'm really enjoying it.

  8. A great fun set of figures!
    Best Iain