Thursday, 28 December 2017

From KeithS: Welsh Archers (120 points)

My #1 priority this challenge is to finish up a force of Welsh and one of Irish in 28mm for use in Saga.  I decided on the Welsh first mainly because I have more of them than the Irish, and I am usually good about doing the harder tasks first.  With these ones, I got two (TWO!) starter armies from my Dad this past year, so there's quite a pile of them coming.  Up first, two dozen archers.

All of these and the chaps to follow are from Gripping Beast.  I'm generally pretty happy with their stuff...much better than the Saxons and Vikings I did from Wargames Factory for the challenge a few years back. 

Here's the obligatory family photo with all 24.  I think I managed to make them all a little different (though all got dark hair, being Welshies and all).  The one thing I'd like would be a little more variety in poses, but overall I'm fine with what I got.


Here's a closer up shot of a few of the lads.  Seeing as how the archers are the budget units for Saga, I avoided doing any clothing too fancy - I mean, for goodness sakes, none of them has shoes even!  I gave one guy (center) a fully checked tunic, but the rest just got basic or slightly fancier stripes.

I kept the color palette pretty simple, too -- standard Dark Age colors without anything too fancy.

From the back.  Again, simple and rather humble archers who probably only joined up for some food and maybe the hope of someday getting shoes.

I have another glob already in the works, this time of spearmen.  Hopefully I can get them done in the next few days, though Christmas and post-Christmas activities have eroded a lot of free time.  At least I got all the weapons and shields painted today (and those shields are a bear...).


Great looking archers Keith! I like the patterns and edging you painted on their cloaks and jerkins - you have to give them something to take pride in. I also like your choice of natural muted tones - I often go too vibrant in my efforts and then have to desperately wash them to tone them down. 

I know I've said this in a previous Challenge, but that curtain wall terrain piece is ace. Remind me, is it from Vatican Enterprises? Nonetheless, you may need to kindly whisper to the fellows in the last photo that shooting at a stone wall is not going to get them anywhere at all. Nonetheless, let's hope their hard service sees them with shoes, or at least a few socks to share among themselves. 

120 points for you, Keith, well done! Now, bring on those Men of Harlech spearmen. :)


  1. Nice work, good free hand and basework

  2. Nice work, good free hand and basework

  3. Good work on the archies, Keith! We can see who the wealthy farmer is! ;)

  4. Now if we can just get them singing "Men of Harlech"...
    ; )
    A fine unit (or two) of levy to provide fire support. These guys can make all the difference on the tabletop!

  5. That's a good looking support unit!

  6. There's nothing like the Challenge for motivating us to complete projects. Nice work!

  7. Thanks, all!

    Curt, yes, that wall is part of a castle from Vatican Enterprises. My dad painted it a few years back and handed it off to me. It makes a good backdrop and I've used it in a few games, as well.