Friday, 16 February 2018

From DaveX: 28mm WWII Polish Airborne (10 points)

This week I have been busy preparing my entry for The "Childhood" themed round however I managed to get in a couple of extra miniatures.  They are 28mm WW2 Polish Airborne by Warlord Games.

I am using these 2 models for a guide on my blog on how to paint them using simple techniques to achieve this standard.

10 easy points :)


Lovely brushwork Dave! I think that any tips on making Densison camo an easier proposition is a great boon. I'll be checking that out.

10 points it is.



  1. Very nice work on these two Poles Dave. They look great. Camo is one of the things that keeps me away from modern gaming, but I appreciate it when done well like these examples.

  2. Nothing "easy" about this cammo, but wonderful work!

  3. Lovely work on the Dennison camo, Dave, well done!

  4. Fantastic stuff! The camo looks great