Friday, 16 February 2018

From RayR - French Grenadiers & Louis XIV (51 Points)

Yet more figures for my Donnybrook shenanigans I'm afraid.
In today's post we have French Grenadiers and Kings Louis XIV of France.

The first 4 French Grenadiers are from North Star's 1672 range.
They are a tad early for my period, with their rolled up sleeves,
 but boy they are great looking figures.
I'm afraid the detail just hasn't shown up in the photos, which is really a shame.
They are a joy to paint and come highly 
recommended that's for sure!

The next four figures are from Foundry's Malburian range.
Nice figures but a tad boring as they're all the same pose. 
As per normal the bases are from Warbases, the grass tufts are a mix of Warpainter

Oops almost forgot 4 ladders, which needed painting and won't earn me a lot of points!
I picked these up at the Rochester Model shop of £1!

King Louis XIV
Now I'm sure I bought him from North Star, but can't find him on their site???
I wasn't sure what colour to paint him, so chose a uniform consistent with
the Guarde Francais.

So to the points
40 points for the infantry
10 points for Louis
and I guess 1 point for the ladders?


Very nice figures Ray. These are true 'grenadiers', eh! I have a few of the North Star 1672 figures as well and agree, they are absolutely beautiful castings - you've really done them proud here. I also like your waving 'Fun King', especially the lovely French blue of his coat. 

A point for 4 ladders? Hmm, okay. I think my original baseline intent of 20 points for an equivalent 6x6 cube of terrain has eroded somewhat. We may need to revisit the requirements for our next outing. Nonetheless, a point it is.



  1. Great work Ray - there is something pretty cool about a a figure of an early grenadier actually getting ready to huck a grenade...

  2. I love those grenadiers Ray - the North Star figures have tempted me more than once. And the Sun King to boot. Well done top to bottom.

    1. Cheers Peter....perhaps we'll see some of these in your Challenge next year?

    2. Not next year but once I get enough SYW stuff then maybe...

  3. Stunning Ray, just stunning! Specially Louis XIV is very well done!

  4. @ Curt
    The terrain entries have been giving me nightmares. They are so hard to give points to? Not sure if there us a better way to score them?

    1. Nightmares, really? Actually, the scoring is quite simple, but was not intended for small submissions. I guess what I'm saying is that in the future I'd prefer you save up your smaller items and submit them with other terrain to conform with the baseline 6x6 cube. I think next year I'll reduce it to a 4x4 to accommodate smaller submissions - we'll see.

    2. Different cubes for different scales!

    3. Are you suggesting the creation of a metric cubesworth, Curt?

  5. Always good to see the Sun King arrayed in all his splendour. Great work on the Grenadiers as well, there aren't enough figs depicting them grenading out there.
    ; )
    Lovely work, Ray!

    1. I was just wondering, are there many occasions known to us where grenades were actually used in battle ?