Friday, 23 February 2018

From Millsy: More Militia United in Righteousness (60 points)

Just a quick one this time. Yet another dozen Boxers armed with melee weapons for my 55 Days at Peking project. I think I can see the end from here but I could be mistaken. :-)

For those interested we played out the first games with the full table (as it stands) and painted minis last weekend. Great fun!

So that's a quick 60 more points and I'm creeping slowly towards my 1000 point goal.

Artist: Club des Belugas
Album: Fishing for Zebras

Artist: The The
Album: Infected



Excellent work Millsy! These Boxer reinforcements look wonderful, especially the angry chaps with the nasty bladed polearms. I checked out your battle report and it looks like you and Cory had a terrific time playing through the rules (I love the photo of the Boxers blowing a sharpie marker dimensional hole through the wall). :)

This all being said I have to smirk when any hobbyist says, 'I think I can see the end from here...'. Riiiight.

60 more points for your climb to 1K, Millsy.

And great music choice btw!



  1. Nice work Millsy! There is no end, just an opportunity to buy even more ;)

  2. Brilliant stuff, I checked out the batrep too and it looks superb with all the lovely scenery.

  3. Great minis Millsy. Your first game looked a cracker. Like Curt I lived the breach marker.

  4. Lovely work Millsy!

    "The end" - LOL. At pause, an extended pause to allow for other projects, which would be starting out "small"...

  5. I'm with Curt on this: you have not seen the end by far! At least that's what I hope because I'd like to see many more of these gems Millsy! Great stuff!

  6. Great work on these chaps, Millsy - and yeah, you might be mistaken as to the proximity of endings!

    I was also listening to The The's 'Infected' yesterday, BTW - great minds and all that!

  7. Those are lovely, Millsy! I love that deep shade of red you've conjured up there!!

  8. Congratulations on seeing the light at the end of the project!