Friday, 23 February 2018

From:PaulS - Terrainbomb (100 Points)

This year I was planning on trying to close off a number of pre-existing projects and, so far, I've managed to do that for a couple... so that is good. But when Curt introduced terrain as a viable entry... well, that was a game changer. This year I've been working on sorting out my office, including setting up a fixed gaming table area. Unfortunately I didn't have any terrain until a couple of kickstarters arrived around the same time. 4Ground provided lots of buildings and another one provided MDF cutting templates to create hex tiles for a nice modular table. My wife is pleased to have been able to contribute to the table. See if you can work out how.

I was intending to hold this back until the last week, but I've not had a chance to paint anything this week... so you can have this early and I'll try to work up another batch over the remaining weeks. At the moment I've just been doing flat tiles to try and bulk things out, but there are cutting templates for shallow hills, steep hills, cliffs and rivers, so this thing is just going to keep on growing. Everything in the picture has been made during the challenge, except assembling the building, which you can see in the pre-repaint version that was assembled in November, but has had a thorough repaint during the challenge.

In the photo above, there are a couple of figures to give a sense of scale, but to put it into context, this covers 19 inches by 24 inches (and half an inch thick) and can be reshuffled to fit whatever story I want. In this one you can see the creepy forest in the bottom left corner, with the altar. A forge has been built nearby, surrounded by some ruins and a standing stone.

So, some closeups might help. The forge is one of the newer 4Ground kits (8x9x8 inches, not including the base tiles) and went together really well. To try and add some character to the buildings, they are being permanently fixed to some tiles, so that I can add some bits of scatter to it and ensure some character. The houses will all be on grassland, with the assumption that whatever scenarios get played are in small villages or on the outskirts of cities where they haven't gone as far as cobbling the streets yet.

The creepy woodland is made using some of the GW plastic trees as I like my gaming to be pulpy. So far there are only three trees (each one is about 5 inches tall and overflow one of the tiles, which are approximately 3x3 inches)

Every dark, creepy forest needs a sacrificial altar covered in blood and skulls (how very GW!).

There is an old standing stone/herdstone for the middle of fields and a well (seen in the full view)

Two statues, one still standing and one that has fallen over. Both of these are made using 28mm figures, so fit quite nicely in terms of scale

I have no idea how you want to total all this up Curt. If I melt your brain with this, I apologise to everyone for derailing the entire challenge and causing terrain to be removed from next year's options ;)

- Each tile is about 4x4x0.5 inches and there are 37 of them, including the ones forming the force base.
- Each tree (3) is approximately 3x3x5 inches
- The forge is approximately 8x9x8 inches, not including the base

...then you have the standing stone, well, 2 statues and the altar to throw in the mix as well.


Great looking terrain setup Paul! That forge is a magnificent piece and I really like the way you've integrated the GW trees, pillars and standing stone into the hex arrangement. Is there a way of doing hills and rivers using this hex system? I look forward to seeing more if you have the time to post them.

As to points, it's actually pretty simple when you base it off of our base core volume. The hexes themselves make up roughly 1.5 6x6 cubes, while the forge is another 2.5. I'll also give another 1 for the trees and other bits. So this makes 5 cubes worth, equaling 100 points. Easy.  

Well done Paul! Thanks for sharing this project with us and enjoy your new gaming space!



  1. Yep, there are hills, cliffs and rivers to come at some point... probably not in this challenge though. It uses a hex tool from

  2. That’s some excellent terrain Paul!

  3. Nice terrain Paul :)

    As to your wife's contribution, I'm going to guess two things:
    1) Allowing you to have a gaming table (and putting up with all your hobby expediture), and
    2) Donating some cake pillars for those statues

  4. Dang Paul! That's quite an amazing bomb indeed, great stuff!

  5. Well done you! I do like me a bit of terrain!

  6. This is just wonderful Paul. A feast for the eyes. Well done sire!

  7. Excellent terrain, Paul. Really brilliant seeing so many great terrain entries this Challenge. The Forge looks great, and I really love the Evil Trees, complete with skullzzz, of course!

  8. I really like this. I’d love to have a hex setup similar to yours, and I should get some of those trees as well.