Tuesday, 20 February 2018

From: NoelW - A miscellany (253 points)

As the Challenge has progressed, I’ve started several things, then put them aside as something else catches my eye. My original plan, was to concentrate on ECW, but along the way that’s been severely dented by other excitements, especially the 15mm lead pile I was lucky enough to acquire. So this week, and probably next, I’m trying to tidy up a bit by completing some of them. Which makes form a rather eclectic submission.

These 15mm figures have suggested quite a few new projects, but most of them would need additional work or purchases, so for the time being I’m just painting units that interest me for one reason or another. At the moment, they’re mainly Seven Years War and French Revolution.

Firstly, SYW. Here are 12 Austrian cuirassiers and 12 Grenzer. They’re not actually 15mm, but 18mm Eureka miniatures. I think their additional height won’t be much of an issue on the battlefield if they’re in units separate from true 15mm. And there’s also a unit of 15 French infantry, though they’re lacking command (so that’s a purchase I suppose I’m forced to make).

Next are two more battalions of French, this time from the Revolutionary wars (circa 1798), a total of 52 figures. They’ll be heading for Egypt eventually. Plus three more of the guns I began last week (there are still more of these to come, but no crew as yet).

My main aim with these is to get as many as possible painted as quickly as possible, so the style is very basic:

As well as all the 15mm, I have kept the ECW project ticking over, however. So here’s the two Scots ensigns I didn’t quite manage last week, together with a General to lead them.

Finally, three more EMP figures for display on Wargames Emporium’s shelves. They’re from the Boxer Rebellion range: one Chinese officer, one Japanese officer and one miscellaneous European.

So, that’s 12 x 15mm cavalry = 48 pts. 79 x 15mm infantry = 158 pts. 3 x 15mm guns = 12 pts. 1 x 28mm cavalry = 10 pts. 5 x 28mm infantry = 25 pts. Total: 253 pts

Hoi there Noel! What an exciting miscellany you've cooked up for today. A return to 15/ 18mm and in Napoleonics  no less, great work. These small ones look mighty impressive arrayed like this in battle formation. I must confess however that I like the 28mm figures you've painted up best. Both the ECW and the Boxer Rising figures are superb, well done indeed! Cheers Sander


  1. Variety but each one of very high quality indeed

  2. Fantastic boxer stuff. Think we are in a race for 3rd spot. Can I suggest you take a week off from painting!

  3. Wow that's a great variety of figures Noel. Good to see the SYW and FRW getting some love. I didn't realize that there wer Grenzers wearing white in the SYW.

    However, I'll agree that the 8s are aces, especially those Scots ECW.

  4. What a great mix of figures in this entry Noel :)

  5. Great work Noel. I always enjoy seeing other painters struggle with "variety", and I can relate to painting a few different units because it feels fun!

  6. Great looking mix of figures! I especially like the Scots Covenanters but the boxer chaps are great too!
    Best Iain

  7. A beautiful assortment of figures Noel. Love the ECW banner bearers. Keep it up!