Tuesday, 20 February 2018

A Top of the Tuesday Morning to ya!

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to this new and shiny Tuesday!

Don't you think there's one hell of a good Theme Round going on? 31 contestants vying for undying honour in the ranks of, well Michael, Sidney and Deb really, but okay we mere mortals might now share the prime place on the top of Lead Mountain as well. Silly how we keep saying "unpainted lead pile" and "Lead Mountain" and all that, while most figures do not contain any real lead any more... oh well back to business.

Today has a few nice post for you and more will surely follow. Noel, Martin, Kent and Russel all have post in at the time of me writing this.
Funny enough this seems to be a week of Bitsa entries as both Noel and Martin (oh and yours truly on Friday) have excellent if eclectic posts of very diverse and superb nature.
Russel is back and with a vengeance just you wait and see. Oh and Kent ladies and gents is making sure he will remain at the top of the leaderboard for some time yet.

 Do you know I am really looking forward to Kent's "Look what I painted during the Challenge" picture at the end of March. You know the picture Curt always makes us do and then we have to try and remember what we actually did paint so we check back the Challenge blog and it takes a while before we remember we can use the label with our name and so we revel in the glory of everyone's entries all over again.

Let's put a bet out: will Kent need more than one table?

So there you have it folks, can't beat the feeling!

  Come on Millsy and Ray, listen to the song! You know you will hate it and then the song will get stuck in your mind mwuhahahahaha!


  1. Happy Tuesday, Sander... especially now I have that tune stuck in my head!

  2. I knew you'd be a Buster Fimbleflake fan Sander! I can just see you boogying down the aisle with Arthur in the shopping trolly!

    1. Lol Ray, ah no! We both hate this kind of music, I am firmly into classic rock and heavy metal but I couldn't resist teasing you Badger-Boy.