Monday, 26 February 2018

From ValeryN - Fifty Shades Darker (24 points)

Hello everybody!

Unfortunately, last week was not too productive for me in terms of painting miniatures.

Today I bring to your attention the continuation of the theme of the Germans for the early war. These are the four tanks Pz-IV from the company "Zvezda", painted for 1941. They bear tactical signs of the Third Panzer Division of the Germans.

4 tanks with 6 points = 24 points.


These are splendid, Narval!  They will look perfect alongside the other German and Soviet vehicles and artillery you've been painting.  I can well understand other things diverting from painting-time, but four Panzer IVs in a week is still a fine and enviable output, Sir!  And not just painted, but with perfect decals as well - top work, Narval!

One of the great things about Panzer IVs is how versatile they can be on the wargaming table.  I have a sneaking suspicion that these fine models will see good service in your armies from Italy to Lake Ladoga, and from Brest to the Volga, no doubt.  

Great work, and a thoroughly well deserved 24 points!!