Saturday, 24 February 2018

From AlexS: To the Strongest! (205 points)

Hello everybody! My name is Alex and I'm from Russia. On February 24, the world championship on the game "To the Strongest!" will take place. Unfortunately, the team from Russia will not be able to come. But we decided to make a little event. This will be a great game for an interesting script, which one of our players wrote. And then on Monday, I learned that more miniatures than I have for this scenario. And then I urgently picked up the paint and brushes and started to work ... And here are the results of my work: Cows, Roman velites and Roman general, psiloi, phalanx, heavy Hellenistic cavalry.

I really hope that the event will turn out to be interesting. Special thanks to Simon Miller for his excellent rules.

 28mm inf 29 - 145 pts
28mm cow 4 - 20 pts
28 cav 4 - 40 pts
total 205 points


Great to seeing you flying with the brushes again Alex, brilliant stuff!  Another great entry full of character and some great looking basing too.  You be careful with those sharp looking pikes.


  1. Lovely work as always Alex :)

  2. Always nice to see some ancients. Great stuff Alex - i like those black peltas.

  3. Very nice Ancients, Alex - and very smartly based as well!

  4. Great work, Alex. Really a great unit, and some brilliant shield designs there.