Thursday, 1 February 2018

From NickJ: It's those Acolyte fellows (75 pts)

Once upon about blooming time...

Previously in Journey to the Realm of the Acolytes we met Test Figure

 Then we were introduced to the Fabulous 4

And now... you've skipped ahead haven't you? You're down looking at the pictures to see if I finally pulled the cat out of the bag and finished the squad of 20... no foul as frankly that's what I was about to do! :-)

So now that you're back with the text you'll have seen that this week we get to meet the FULL squad. Yes I've actually gone and done it! Hurrah. With multiple hurrahs thrown in for good measure. And a sigh of relief to be honest.

Here we are then - meet the 15
The skin painting employs the same techniques as all my other models; namely a base colour and two washes. In this case the two washes are different with a Sepia first to give a yellow/brown look and then a Flesh Shade to provide a reddish tan over the top.
The weapons use a similar technique based on my tried and tested attempt to keep everything as simple as possible whilst trying to get a good tabletop effect. Basically I didn't fancy keeping the blades metallic since this is a fantasy environment and therefore anything goes!

In this case the weapons have a Pink base paint followed by a purple wash a good solid dry brush with a colour called Tyrant skull and then a nice dollop of purple wash at the end.
Those of an eagle eye persuasion are probably wandering where the heck the banner is. Well there isn't one! Now before I get lynched (:-)) let me state that this squad cannot take a banner! I know right? They don't even have a musician.

Instead of the banner they have this chap carrying a giant scroll of fanciness. All the shapes on the scroll are already molded; the colours are mine. I've tried to make it look like old parchment and hopefully pulled it off!

 Random Dude in CloseUp!

The command section. Champion in the middle, Scroll carrier on the right and Bird handler on the left. Yes. Bird handler. Where do you think the green feathers come from eh?

The bird is a cross between a parrot and a vulture. I have 2 of them on the painting table and they'll be finished before the Challenge ends. One normally sits on this chaps arm but I don't like how that then blocks him from view - so I'm going to mount them on their own bases... which is still in the planning stages... alongside the other 463 projects...
Champion and his Giant Feathers of featheriness.
Scroll Carrier. Acolyte of the Word.
And now the full, full Squad of 20! All in the same place at the same time. I was worried this wasn't going to happen at one point.

Final Random close up!

And so we reach the end of the Tale of the Acolytes. An epilogue featuring the Birds is due soon. Watch the Skies!

15 x 28mm figures should be a nice round 75 points.

And relax...

Outstanding work sir! The full 20 certainly look like they're ready to go knocking on the doors of the folk of the Old World Mortal Realms to ask if they're ready to let Change into their lives!  I do like the aged scroll, I think you've pulled off the aging very nicely.... dare I ask if any tea was involved in the process? ;)

I think you've managed to balance the riot of colour required by Tzeentch with looking somewhat sensible and realistic, I suspect because the gold and normal flesh tones balance out the purple/blue/greens, so hats off to you my good man and 75 points it is!

And I shall look forward to seeing the separately based birds you mention in around 2020 if you're anything like me with your list of "projects to be finished as soon as possible"!


  1. Greta stuff Nick! That's a riot of colour and movement. Love the blue and the lavender wapons. Looking forward to see Polly Parrott!

    1. Lavender!! That’s the fella. Could not think of the colour whilst typing this up but you are spot on. Thanx Peter. Parrot is incoming... ish...

  2. A nice addition to your excellent collection of Chaos figures.

    1. Thx John. My collection is now progressing to a second room for storage... the Wife doesn’t seem enamoured with this....

  3. Lovely bunch of chaos acolytes! The parchment works really well!
    Best Iain

  4. Excellent work Nick, and congrats on getting the unit finished. That scroll is ace, and your brushwork is almost enough to make me forget my true feelings about the so-called Age of Sigmar...

    But all the same, seriously, excellent stuff. Very cool unit.

    1. Thx Greg! I know where you’re coming from as I’m a 40k addict who hated 7th edition. 8th is a good step but not enough to replace AoS for me.

      As for AoS I never got in to WHFB as not a fan of huge blocks of Infantry so to me AoS is my first brush with fantasy but I can see where the new setting/skirmish playstyle is not for everyone!

  5. Beautiful brushwork Nick! I'm with Greg, that scoll carrier is superb. He looks like he's laying out some grievances as mandated by The Chaos Labour Contract. :)

    1. Thx Curt! Given some of the shadier antics carried out on behalf of Chaos I shudder to think what might constitute a grievance worthy of a walkout by the members of the Chaos Union!

  6. Excellent work. Great techniques with the washes. The skin looks real good. cheers

  7. Really brilliant work, Nick!! It's such a pleasure to do a test figure, and then - phew - realize that it works when duplicated a dozen times. The parchment is just wonderful, right down to the colour of the scroll, the designs, the tone of the ink. Really brilliant. And they look like a unit, with the paint scheme pulling them all together. Just terrific!

  8. That purple recipe is useful! I like the scroll. Great unit all round.

  9. Excellent work on these, Nick! I like the bright colorful look of the unit and look forward to the incoming birds!
    If scroll dude is the standard bearer, does the bird man become the musician? ;)