Monday, 5 March 2018

From IainW: Yet more 28mm soviets! (80 points)

Here are my latest bunch of soviets! A T34/85 and a BT 10 armoured car, both from Warlord and three Lledo trucks repainted, the trucks cost 11p each so I'm happy with the price and I think they're good enough.

So that gives me 80 points I think, there's one more post of soviets left then I've got to paint some pikemen! 

All the best Iain


Great work, Iain... and that hugely impressive steamroller still isn't letting up as yet more Soviets thunder from your painting table.  I confess that I've known whole factory towns in the Urals which produced less than your brush has during the last few weeks.  Most wonderful to see, and a very impressive output, Sir!

I love the weathering you've applied - not just of the bare metal, scarred and frozen from the merciless Steppe wind, but also on the unit recognition symbols.  And I'm so pleased you've added the frost flecks and snow drifts again - they make the basing really evocative, framing the figures in their battlefield environment.  And those trucks look amazing for that very reasonable cost - great resourcing, as well as painting.  Well done!

Great work, and another 80 points to your total, which is clicking very nicely upwards.  You look almost certain to break the 'Big 1000' this Challenge, which is a huge and magnificent achievement for any Challenger.  Awesome work!



  1. wonderful work. great attention to detail.

  2. Terrific work on the vehicles, Iain, suitably weatherbeaten and worn!

    1. Thanks Evan, they've seen better days for sure!
      Best Iain

    2. Pfft. Fresh paint is a bourgeois affectation and of no use to the New Soviet Man!

  3. Really nice work weathering these vehicles Iain.

  4. Very well done! That armour looks like it‘ll give those Germans a hard time.

  5. I like the trucks! Very characterful.