Monday, 5 March 2018

From SamuliS: Von Spiegel Grenadier Battalion (72 points)

Back to my Napoleonics endeavor with one of the combined Grenadier battalions. This time from the 1st Division in the form of Battalion von Spiegel. With these guys done I'm only missing the Leib Grenadier battalion from the 1st division and 4 Line infantry and 1 grenadier battalion from the 2nd division. Looking pretty good!

AB figures as usual. Lovely sculpts with minimal clean up required, it's just a shame that there's only 4 different poses. This battalion should have combined units from more or less all the battalions in the first division, but for the sake of simplicity I decided to just use green facings on all of them instead of mixing some yellow ones in as well.

16 infantry and a single mounted officer should yield me 72 points. With these and my other entries finished during the last week I should be at about 700 points. Reaching my 1000 point goal is starting to look a bit unlikely after my slow start, but maybe with some prioritizing of fast, but point heavy projects I might be able to pull it off. Time to draft a good project plan!

Artist: Ensiferum

Album: Two Decades of the Greatest Sword Hits


These are fantastic - great work Samuli !  There's nothing quite like a finely painted battalion of Napoleonics, and all they're all the more welcome as combined Grenadiers marching impressively to the sound of the drums.  

I love the way that these AB figures have painted up.  They always have been wonderful sculpts, easy to paint, flash free and robust enough to pick out a surprising amount of detail without being too fiddly.  Certainly, the "Prince of Figures" in the 15mm/18mm ranges - and you have more than done them justice here.

Some really nice basing and a couple of tufts to finish off, and you've created a fine looking unit, Sir!  And that's another 72 points to your total - which I would say is DEFINATELY in reach.  So, go for it, Samuli !!  

Two weeks to go and that target is very much achieveable.  I can feel it wobbling from here.

Let us know if we can help at all by cheering VERY LOUD.  One, Two, Three....HURRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHH


  1. Impressive! That colour combo is quite eyecatching.

  2. Always in awe for those that paint Naps. And more so at this scale!

  3. Very nice job, great job on the white

  4. Gorgeous grenadiers! Lovely work on unforgiving white uniforms!
    Best Iain

  5. Very nice work indeed Samuli!


  6. Some lovely Saxons there, Samuli, very nice work!

  7. Great work Samuli - you really make those AB figures "pop", it's great advertising for them!