Monday, 5 March 2018


Good Monday Morning Challengers!!

I hope you've all had an amazing weekend - and, wow, what a weekend that was.  A mixture of gasping with amazement at the truly MONSTROUS final themed round of Challenge VIII...

.... as well a weekend of monstrous weather in the UK (or, what we dwellers in these British and Irish islands like to term "snow") ... 

And, if all that excitement has not yet exhausted you, YES, there is more to come.  

And that's because there are now SIXTEEN days left in Challenge VIII, with many, many wonderful entries yet to be completed and arrive on the submission desks of Paint-Minions like me. 

And here, on this eleventh Monday of Challenge VIII, we shall be showcasing a fantastic, fantabulous and extraordinary-ly wonderful selection of the entries now arriving in Paint-Minions' mail boxes throughout the world.  

We have figures from magical lands, soldiers from war-zones, people from very cold places and people with surprising beards and hats.  All will be revealed in the next 12 hours or so....

And, if that's not enough to excite and enthrall you, dear Challengers and Readers, why not have a look at the incredible points totals on the Challenge VIII blog-page, which have been updated for the last Themed Round, and are currently frazzling even Miles' calm and cool demeanor owing to their incredible size and pointfulness.

Happy painting, folks !!


  1. Dear Sidney, have you been out in the cold too long? Seems like you got all lyrical on us there! ;-)

  2. Lyrical, Sander? Moi? Non, c'est impossible!!

    I'm barely lukewarm in my current "lyrical" gear. But, you know, in 15 days March 19th.... I should have warmed up fully ;)

  3. Heh.. great stuff.. and this snow you speak of... tis but a flesh wound to many of the Northern sections of the Americas... namely those hardy, beardy folk from Canada :D

    1. I have not yet mustered the courage to mention to Curt that we've had 'snow' in the UK....

  4. I'm still here! You know what Mondays are like...