Saturday, 17 March 2018

From TeemuL: Mixed bunch (57 points)

The Challenge ends like it started, me being a bit sick, thanks to flu. With this entry I should bypass my target, though, so everything is good. I'm not sure if I can finish something next week, we will see.

First here is a Battlesmith for my Fyreslayers army.

Then 10 Brimstone Horrors for my Chaos army, I don't have enough Tzeentch models yet to call it a Tzeentch army. :)

Finally the Participation fee.

That's 5 euros for the Finnish Nature Protection, to the protection of the Baltic Sea to be precise. Not quite sea, not quite lake, something in between and not in a very good shape, right next where I live.

Pointswise the Brimstone horrors have 5 points a base in this challenge, so with the dwarf some 55 points. To the next and final week!


So sorry to hear that you are feeling well Teemu, get well soon.  Well done for getting a post up nonetheless and look at those little blighters!  I think the dwarf is magnificent so I am awarding a couple of extra bonus points for him.  Safely through your par score for the challenge, well done Sir!