Thursday, 15 March 2018

Thursday...Thursday....ThursdayCats - Hooooo!

Image result for thundercats

Looks like it's my last Thursday as a minion and frankly it's been an absolute blast!  Much like the Thudercats referenced above, the ThursdayCats have fought the evil powers of "not feeling like painting" and scaled the evil "pewter mountain of doom" and then used the "Brush of Omens" to paint loads of their figures. This clip is how I see the challenge to have gone, with me as Lion-o and the ThursdayCats riding in to save the day when called upon..... (only difference is that I used email to contact them instead of the Sword of Omens, but times have moved on after all).

So, ThursdayCats, decide amongst yourselves who is Panthro, Cheetara and Tygra (and Snarf?) whilst I fire up the post-o-tron and get your posts rolling.

Massive thanks to the team for posting such interesting, informative and downright pretty entries for me to review and gush about - my own challenge painting has been a little slow but being able to be involved through minioning has  meant it's been my favourite challenge yet...... see you next year, same time, same channel?


  1. Hello Kitty! Now you come up with a cool name for your crew?! On your last day? We could have made fun of you all Challenge long with those, dude! Oh wait Thundercats are cool right? Yeah so no go... erm.,. Anywaaaay have a tremendously great last day as Minion mate ;-)

    1. I know! Fickle inspiration only strikes when it feels like it....

      On the bright side, I feel like I’ve signed off on a high ;)

  2. Signed off "on a high" or just "high"?

    Well done Jamie!! For one, I'm kinda glad to avoid the Thundercats until the last week, but I salute your tremendous minion efforts! Well done!