Thursday, 15 March 2018

From SanderS & MichaelA: Die Herausforderer or 'Project L!' (60 Points Each)

Now I make no secret of the fact that I was planning on giving this year’s challenge a miss.

There was no sinister reason behind this decision other than that my hobby interests were changing, I was painting less and gaming more.  That and that fact that I knew that we were likely to be very busy at work and what with the planned refurbishment to ‘Awdry Towers’ it just seemed like a sensible idea to take a back seat this year.

What I have subsequently discovered is that our beloved Snow Lord is a very difficult man to say no to and before I knew what was happening I was a fully fledged minion!  Now just when I thought I had got this new development squared away, I received an email whose introduction will sound familiar to many, “Hoi Michael!”  Yes, our good friend Sander had a plan that involved another collaboration and suddenly I’m hooked again!

So good folk, allow us to present to you a truly monstrous submission that will form Sander’s and mine own offerings as Curtgeld.  Imagine, if you will, the moment when the infamous Die Herausforderer (The Challengers) rise from the grave only to be sent straight back to Hell by their decedents, now a modern mercenary unit.   A tale of monsters and monstrosity, referring particularly to the colour scheme.

It would appear that Sander has forgotten that he had promised that, "I will never paint Landsknecht ever again!"  That said I am grateful that he did as this has proved to be another wonderfully fun collaboration and always interesting to work with miniatures that I had previously not experienced, mine been from The Assault Group, whilst Sander's were from Wargames Foundry.

So thank you Sander for taking me out of my comfort zone, once again, and to Curt for allowing us this opportunity to let our imaginations run riot.


You guys are a wonderful pair of crazy. Yes, I distinctly remember last year Sander saying 'Landsknechts, never again!' AND this year Michael saying 'Old Boy, I'm afraid I'll have to give this year a miss.' BUT here are the two of you AGAIN, painting me a whacky vignette of Landsknechts. You know, my Sith powers amaze even myself.  ;)

Seriously guys, this is just brilliant. Hilariously nutty and wonderfully imaginative. In my minds eye I can hear a fife, drum and alphorn version of 'Thriller' playing in the background. Thank you so much. I'm going to add a few more points for the wonderful basework and level of logistics required in getting this completed. Bravo to you both!

Now, I need to come up with a scenario to feature this set. I think this may call for some choice single malt and a pipe of our soon-to-be legalized 'Old Toby'. :p



  1. Well you guys definitely won the price for the wackiest post of the challenge! Cracking work!

    1. Thanks Samuli, that was what we were aiming for!

  2. What a fabulous collaboration - well done chaps! :)

    1. Well as usual Michael deserves most of the credit, but I cannot imagine a better partner in crime at all ;-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Noel, sometimes our sillyness astonishes even me!

  4. Replies
    1. Leave it up to Michael to come up with the perfect balance between cemetery and urban back alley.

  5. I too remember the cry of "Not again" Michael - glad you have the same lack of will power as you do for that "one last pint". Well done to the both of you.


    Richard C

  6. Well you don't see that very often!
    Wonderful brushwork gentlemen!

  7. I very much know the feeling Michael - lots of gaming leaves little time for painting!

    Glad you mad this challenge though, your imaginativeness and talent would have been sorely missed

  8. Now that’s truly something different entirely! Well done. Both of you.

  9. Very odd, very nice! Lovely diorama, delightfully painted.
    Best Iain

  10. Unique stuff! I love how the bases work together.