Sunday, 23 December 2018

From PaulSS - 28mm Confederate Artillery battery (90 points)

Well here goes for my first ever post on the Painting Challenge, rather a nervy moment for the old chap!

This submission in a battery of Confederate American Civil War artillery from the Perry Miniatures Artillery set. The battery comprises two 12lb Napoleon cannon and a Howitzer and shall be joining my ever-growing ACW collection. This battery allows me to now field both sides for a Longstreet campaign.

I was up at 0500 on Friday morning so that I could get the base-coats and wash on these before I went to work, Friday evening saw the first six crew and the guns highlighted while yesterday I finished off the last six crew members and did the basing yesterday.

An early alarm call this morning meant I could give them a blast of dull-coat and get them photographed for this entry.

If I understand the scoring correctly - please let me know if I made any newbie errors - this is 12 x 28mm foot and 3 x 28mm crew served weapons for 90pts. 

Hopefully, this shall give me points in both the Squirrel and North & South Duels.


First, welcome to the Painting Challenge Paul! We're delighted to have you in with our happy mob.

Wow, for a newbie, Paul, you've certainly opened with an impressive salvo - with figures to match!

These Rebs and their guns look absolutely terrific. GregB and I both share an irrational aversion to painting artillery, so count me impressed with your entry here. I particularly like your brushwork on the gun carriages - they really look ace.

These three gun crew will give you 90 points. Not a bad way to break into the standings, not bad at all. Again, welcome aboard Paul.


  1. Welcome on board. This is a great start, they look really great

  2. Lovely work Paul and welcome to the Challenge. I’ve been admiring your figures and projects for a number of years and it’s great to have you on board.

  3. Great looking guns and crews!
    Best Iain

  4. Great kick off in the Challenge Scrivs! Super looking unit.

  5. Terrific stuff, they really do look the business. What a great start!!!

  6. The first of many I'd wager - great stuff Paul!

  7. Lovely painting and basing, welcome aboard!

  8. A great start to the Challenge Paul!

  9. Nice work Paul, I love the irregular look of the crews.

  10. Very nice looking artillery Paul!


  11. Thank you all, and thanks too for all the kind welcome messages.

  12. Welcome aboard, Paul! Very spiffy work on the gun battery. I like the varied uniform and the arty looks well used. I have a slow growing collection intended for Miners Creek, but I'm replacing the participants with more esoteric and notable ACW regiments. I'll define try bookmark this for the arty treatment!


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