Monday, 7 January 2019

From DaveX - 1/300 Ships - Freighter and Kamikaze Boats (32 points)

Well Cruel Seas appears to be quite popular.  I haven't pulled the trigger on the ruleset yet due to that 10 page Errata so I am waiting for a reprint until I do so.

In the meantime why not paint up some ships?

First off I 3D Printed a 1/300 Scale Freighter off Thingiverse.  I wasn't entirely happy with some of the fittings so I trimmed them off and used a paperclip to replace some parts.  I also added 2 paperclip masts that were drilled into the hull to make them nice and secure.  For a FDM (the printer that prints lines) I am pretty pleased with this!

I have never painted a model ship before so I decided to go with a fairly generic paint scheme and I havent flagged the ship so I can keep my options open for game play.

I decided my first fleet being one of the more unpopular fleets would be the Japanese.  Firstly I like unpopular and secondly they have Kamikaze boats! Who wouldn't want to play these?

Also being January, Japanuary is a most suitable and motivating theme.

The Cruel Seas Japanese Navy Fleet gives you 3 x Maru-ni and 3 x Shin'yo Kamikaze Boats.  From what I understand the Maru-ni's had a depth charge attached and would try and flee after deploying it and were operated by the Army.  The Shin'yo boats were operated by the Navy and basically were designed to slam into their target... Banzai!  

The Maru-Ni boats are grey and the Shin'yo boats are green.

Now my apologies for not knowing how many points these should be! The Kamikaze Boats are teeny tiny.  I will be painting up more Japanese Ships for the Challenge and for Japanuary!  This should also give me 7 models total for the SD3 Engage the Enemy More Closely Side Challenge.

I'm really appreciating seeing all this new Cruel Seas stuff. They are very evocative miniatures, and these kamikaze boats especially so. I believe there are sail-powered boats in the Japanese fleet- that takes guts! I think that 3D printing is taking off, and your lovely clean print is proof of this.

I've scored these as 6mm and 28mm vehicles, so that's a solid 32 points.


  1. Radical. Cool stuff, cheers.

  2. Great stuff Dave - cant wait to see them in action!

  3. Lovely stuff Dave. I really like that freighter, she really looks the part. I expect that Curt will be asking you for the files for that one.

  4. 3D printed toys - Awesome! These look terrific Dave. Peter called it: Can you give me the URL for the tanker file? I'd like to give that one a whirl on my printer.

    Errata aside (it's a bit of a misnomer as most of the 10 pages is fluff and white space), the rules as they stand are actually quite fun to play - a few tweaks here and there, but nothing to dissuade you from trying them out.

    One of the guys from our group is thinking of picking up the Japanese set and I really hope he does (I further enticed him by telling him that their Destroyers rock). Looking forward to seeing the rest of your work with the boxed set!

  5. Good to see some home brew stuff for Cruel Seas.. nicely done

  6. Lovely freighter and great teeny tiny kamikaze boats!
    Best Iain

  7. Very nice job and should be suitably unusual to play with!

  8. Nice job and some very unusual selection of subject! I hadn't realized the Japanese side in Cruel Seas included these tiny boats as well.

  9. Well done! It‘s getting harder and harder to withstand temptation...

  10. Thanks All for the comments! The ship printed is available here


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