Monday, 11 February 2019

From DaveX: Warhammer Quest Rats and 20mm Taliban (44 Points)

This week I got around to painting some Warhammer Quest (1995) Rats that I have had primed for a few months.  I have rebased them onto 20mm Square GW Bases as they come on this horrible thick plastic pudding base.  I chopped up some left over plasticard to create a flagstone cross dungeon cross ruins sort of effect.

I decided to mix up the colours and give them some variation and I think it looks really nice. I love the look of these Old School Plastic minis.  There are 12 in total coming to 60 points.


I used a variety of colours

Probably my favorite critter

This week I also quickly painted up another 5 Taliban giving me a handy 20 points bringing this weeks total to 80 points.  
Taliban using a suspicious package and 4 Riflemen

Very nice rats! Your basing and variety in colours is naturalistic and hides the uniformity of the sculpts perfectly. You can never have enough rats. Similarly, you can never have enough modern baddies, and the suspicious package person is sure to give drone feed operators agonies of doubt. Sadly, I'm going to downscore the rats as 15mm equivalents which will leave you with 44 points.



  1. Great stuff. Very nice work. The vermin tide looks like a real dungeon problem for unaware adventurers. cheers

  2. Good work on the rats, the colours you've used work well on the little critters. The Taliban minis look great too.

  3. Great looking rats and Taliban!
    Best Iain

  4. Love the brushwork on those Taliban figures - great stuff.

  5. These rats take me back, you've done a great job on them. Like the Taliban too.