Monday, 11 February 2019

From JohnM: Carnevale Strigoi (37 points)

Two or three years ago, I backed a Kickstarter from TTCombat for the miniatures game Carnevale. They delivered a couple of months ago and I felt that they would be a good choice as a focus for this year's challenge. To be honest, it was more the terrain aspect of the kickstarter that got my attention rather than the figures, although they looked pretty cool. The backstory for the game can be seen in the following video.

I have been to Venice many times but I will always remember my first visit about 20 years ago in February during the Festival of Carnevale. It was a particularly cool and foggy year and at night the image of the festival goers flitting about in the dark is still with me. It has never been the same since.

Unfortunately, I am having some difficulty getting up the interest to paint the figures. They are resin figures, the first I have dealt with and I find the detail is not as to my liking. They were a nightmare to assemble, very fragile and I broke a couple of them....just not a lot of fun. I think I have around 25-35 figures, it was difficult to know where to start. I believe I have 4 factions, so I had a look there are 6-8 figures in each faction so I decided to go with the Strigoi first as they looked the easiest to paint. Character information for the following figures can be found here as well as the faction cost.
A Strigoi Priest and 2 Nosferatu


Two Romani and a Blood Crone

Well, I am somewhat pleased with the painting, they did not come out exactly as planned and as usual I am having all kinds of trouble with the photography. But I got some painting done and that is the good part!

It is no secret that some figures can be a grind to paint if they don't inspire you. When they're frustrating to put together, doubly so. The Venetian scene is wonderfully evocative, but requires some specialised scenery- I'd love to see your approach to this. The Varcolai looks like a bigger figure, so have some bonus points, and good luck with the rest!



  1. Great stuff. Sometimes it's hard to get enthusiastic about some projects. These look good to me. cheers

  2. Great to see some of these, like you I was inspired by the scenery and am hoping to have that and some figures done during the challenge. I really like the bright colours you’ve used on the first three, definitely makes them pop.

  3. The game looks really interesting and you've painted these up well - I especially like the werewolf, and the strigoi have character, too. But you're right about the pain of resin figures - they're just too delicate to be fun.

  4. Nice work. I totally sympathize about the problems of working with resin. The models have come out well in the end though.

  5. Nicely painted John :)

    Resin figures can be a real pain to prep and assemble, so I sympathise with you on these ones.

  6. Lovely finish in spite of the prep nightmare,I've just bought some of the buildings for my Italian wars project,the buildings look good, can't wait to see yours!
    Best Iain

  7. Great work John. Resin certainly DOES suck, but congrats on sticking with it, I think they are turning out very, very nicely!

  8. Nice work John. It's always interesting to hear what happens with these kickstarters.