Thursday, 11 April 2019

From Mike D: My Grimdark Winter

The particular area of my unpainted horde I wanted to work on this challenge was all the GW stuff I had purchased for the past year or so. Overall, I wasn't optimistic. I almost missed the deadline for application to the challenge and wound up making it in at the last minute of the waiting list. And I never really got my act together with planning out the challenges, so I left a lot of points on the table there. I set my goal at a piddling 400, but still fell short.

Still, when I look at what I wound up with, I'm happy. Those figures I wanted to paint were very fiddly, and though I know part of the challenge is speed painting, I often find that I set out with best, simplest intentions only to get drawn in to some need to do a particular something that just takes me forever. I did wind up with enough gangs and cultists to actually play with in Necormunda or Kill Team, which these days feels like a big accomplishment to me . (I'm still only half-way through my ADLG 28mm Thracians, and I've been working on it for so many years, it started out as a Warhammer Ancients army.)

Once again, I want to thank everyone involved with the Challenge for their support and inspiration, especially my minion Evan and Curt. This year in lieu of the usual Curtgeld, I've sent a donation to International Rescue Committee. 

Already looking forward to next year!


  1. Well done. I don't take the speed approach. Keeping quality is important to me and speed can often make quality less. More about motivation for me. Cheers and happy painting (and gaming).

  2. Nice work, those minis are so detailed. It's not about speed but a steady effort to a goal.

  3. Great work Mike! I really liked your cultists and 'bots. I always enjoy how the Challenge is many things to many people. For some, it's all about the output, while for those at the other end of the spectrum it's a venue to show off their painstakingly detailed vignettes. I love seeing the wide variations of approach - its all good and great fun to watch unfold.

  4. Great haul, Mike - been a pleasure working with you!

  5. Nice haul! We almost all have more figures than we get painted, you've got a lovely finish on all yours!
    Best Iain


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