Thursday, 27 February 2020

From SanderS: The Neverending Vigil - Deathwatch (120 pts)


As I mentioned in a previous post, I am trying to finish several entries at one. We have a week off from school so I had quite some time to get cracking.
Therefore we bring you the last of my Deathwatch figures today. Most of them were bought when visiting Dublin last April, I am scheduled to do so again this April, if only the Corona thingy doesn't get in the way...

Anyway I digress. For me the attraction of the Deathwatch must be the idea of all the different Shoulderpads for all the different Chapters contributing troops to the Watch. So I ended up with 15 normal Death Watch Marines, 1 terminator and a biker. Apart from them I also have painted up some scatter terrain in the form of GW plasma generator and a TTCombat resin scenery piece. Finally I added 3 Necromunda Ratskins to round of the 40K themed entry for this week.
Included in the picture above is the Deathwatch Omnibus I have been reading throughout the painting to keep the inspiration flowing.

The Scenery parts

 I really like the propaganda posters I managed to add.

The grafitti below is from the free WI sheet done by Warlord for the Judge Dred game.

The ratskins are some really cool and "fluffy" (see what I did there Noel? I made a pune or play on words; oh and DANG that was a Pratchett quote as well!)  the older models have so much more atmosphere to them.

The biker is from the Ravenwing of course! I alkready have painted a second biker before the Challenge who's a White Scar by the way.

I accidentally did not glue the back wheel to the bike and so it it can actually do a wheely as the Lad is kindly demonstrating here!


The Terminator, belonging to the Black Templars

The Close Combat kill team

Jump pack equiped assault team.

Fire support team. Peter, there's a White Minotaur here (to the left)

Four of my Deathwatch Marines are detached from the Unforgiven Chapters (i.e. the Dark Angels and their Successors) I tried to incorporate a lot of Chapter Iconography and am happy with how they worked out. 

Another Ravenwing trooper now with a jump pack. Usually I give all my Ravenwing a "beaky" this beaked-helmet anmd paint the front plate as a raven's beak.

After a year in the painting cue they are now finished and I am really happy with them!
Pointswise it's a bit of a poser regarding the terrain. It doesn't fil the regular 6 inch box for 20 points so I am going with 10 points if the Minions agree. The rest is simple:
19 figures (28mm) = 95 points and a mounted biker is another 10 so all together that's 115 points right?

 Cheers Sander

Sander this is a cracking entry. The terrain really pops. Speaking of pops the fact that the bike can wheelie is genius. You need to find a way to make it stop up when needed.
The extra bits on the terrain are worth another 5 so 120



  1. Great work Sander. I loved the terrain pieces in particular!

  2. Fab terrain and figures Sander :)

  3. Great work Sander that’s a lot of different chapters. Points taken on the Minotaur. And the bike is waaaay cooler if it does wheelies!

    1. Yeah the bike makes you go riding it along the tabletop making motor sounds...

  4. Lovely figures and terrain!
    Best Iain

  5. That bike trick is awesome! I like the graffiti and posters as well.

    1. Thanks Barks, the graffiti is really fun to apply.

  6. @Martin: thanks heaps for the kind that words and the bonus points! I am really glad to have finished these figures.


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