Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Form IanW - Adler 6mm Prussian Cavalry and Limber (32 Points)

With so much of my Project Waterloo being done during the last two years' Challenge events I could not think of a better place to finish the project. I will still be painting up more Napoleonic's but those will be extra to the required troops.

The first up is the 6th Ulan's with their distinctive black uniform, these are I guess some of the Elite of the Prussian cavalry and will be a nice foil to the other two regiments I have painted up to go with them.

Each regiment is of nine figures and in all three cases I started with a black base coat but even the black uniform was treated to touching up with Vallejo black grey so that they would have some depth. Unlike all the other figures I added the ink wash only to the skin and the horses themselves.

Next up the 1st Silesia Landwehr cavalry with there far more common blue jackets and grey trousers. The figures are similar to the Ulan's but subtly different. So close that you can get away with mixing the two if you wanted to add even more different poses to the base.

I really like the way Lion sculpts his figures giving them a real feel of movement. This could not be better illustrated than how he has done the pennants on the lances.

The last of the cavalry is the 1st Pomeranian Landwehr Regiment all dressed in grey, three different shades of grey though!. So with these boys done this ends my commitment to the Prussian's at Waterloo though I still have plenty of other Prussian cavalry waiting for me to paint up including yet more Landwehr.

White and black pennants and white collars and cuffs mark these as rather interesting figures and really contrast to the colour of the bases.

Last but not least is an Adler limber, again I have a few more in the unpainted box and will get round to them at some point but this is the last piece in the Prussian jigsaw that will make up the forces I will face when we play the Waterloo game.

Yes you read that right all that work and I don't even get to play with them! Where does that leave me? Free that's where. After nearly three years with the need to paint up at least six battalions of infantry a week I can now paint what I like and ignore any project that I don't fancy doing that month. This should lead to a rather mixed offering from here on in during the challenge.

This little lot nets me 32 points based on 1 point per mounted man and half a point for the three unmounted horses and limber.

From Curt:
Wow! What an amazing achievement Ian! Three years at approximately six units a week? That is seriously impressive. As usual, your work in this scale continues to amaze. I find the Adler cavalry a real treat to work with and you've really played to their strengths. I particularly like the pennons on the Landwehr lances - they provide an interesting contrast to the typical cavalry of the period.
Well, with this project coming to a close I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with your newfound freedom! Again, congratulations Ian!


  1. It really is amazing what you do with this scale Ian. You will feel at loose ends when this is done, yes.

  2. Great work Ian. Napoleonic in 6mm is amazing, and you see why with these figures. Lovely.

  3. Sorry I meant to say six units a month though it feels like six a week sometimes


  4. I can only imagine the joy these will give on the table top. Such a small scale and such fine work. I am Impressed.

  5. Lovely work Ian and what an achievement. You must be relieved to have finished them now.

    Sadly for me, you've set the bar very high for 6mm painting standards just as I'm about to start on my ACW armies. Lovely work :)

  6. Top drawer work sir. Really well done in presenting the 6mm miniatures so well.

  7. Impressive! those 6mm look like 15mm figures in detail... I am not familar with Adler I will have to see if I can get some...

  8. What is strange concept of finishing a project? I've never seen it used in a miniatures context and must admit I find the whole concept unsettling.

    Hat's off to a great bit of hobby work - I'd love to see a shot of the whole project on a table sometime

  9. finish...wash your mouth out - double the scale!! cal yourself a wargamer..
    grand job on these lads Ian.. love em

  10. Very nice! Makes me want to get into 6mm now!

  11. Yes, I'm sure there will be some withdrawal symptoms setting in soon. What an undertaking! Great way to finish.

  12. I never thought that such small miniatures can look so good

  13. That's a staggering effort Ian! I paint a lot and I paint pretty fast too as most people here would know but my head is reeling at the thought of that. And for all that the quality is consistently right up there. You, sir, are a machine!

  14. Wow what an achievement. I hope I can see them all in the flesh one day - must be an impressive sight.

  15. The cav looks great, Ian! I truely enjoy your wee minions especially when they are all formed up together. They look striking in formation