Tuesday, 16 December 2014

From GillesW - Welcome to the jungle! (141 Points)

Are you ready for a mad minute?
As promised here is the 1st squad (under the command of Sergeant Dwayne Johnson).

The figures are from the USMC sprues of Warlord games,I tried to give them some life. Some close up ( perhaps too near!)

Flushed by the initial frenzy of the challenge I also painted some Essex Miniatures 15mm figures for my "Hungarian black army of Mathias Corvinus" Field of Glory Project, I needed them to try a first list last friday evening, so I painted them last wednesday and thursday in hurry. You can see the other figures on my blog, I 'll only present in the challenge the figures I do for it since the 5th of December.

A battle group of generic mercenary knights, as usual I have replaced their lead lances

...then a Battle Group of Szeklers (a random mix of Essex Miniatures Eastern range)

I return to my rowing seat, sorry to my painting table.

Be seeing you.....

From Curt:
Gilles you keep sneaking these under my radar! ;)   
Yes, you have been a very busy boy!  The marines look great but I'm particularly impressed with your 15mm cavalry - the mercenary knights look especially sharp (literally) with their striped lances. Great work!


  1. Row well and live...sorry I couldn't help it. Nice work.

  2. Woa. Productive, are we? ;-) Cavalry are quite nice. Well done.

  3. Very nice. I like a lot those marines. They are plastic? Really? :)
    Great painting work!

  4. Lovely stuff.. love the prone machine gunner

  5. Great work! I like the camo covers on the marines.

  6. I like the poses on those marines. Well painted and well based sir!

    You did a smashing job on the Essex as well!

  7. These are great but the marines take first place for me


  8. Lovely stuff but your marines are my favs.

  9. I like them all from the nice faded look on the marine fatigues to the colorful mercenaries. The details on the 15's are really nice and the extra work for the lances really paid off!
    I'd be happy to judge them closer if you wish, my address is....

  10. Nice work Gilles. Love the knights!

  11. Yeah, the faded fatigues really communicate a feeling of the tropical sun...which is most welcome where I am right about now. ;)

    But your 15mm blocks take the prize for me. Epic stuff.

  12. Great bunch of painted figures. You have been very productive. cheers

  13. good job, but in the first case, it seems to me, should be made more diverse base, because it looks the same and all merges into one.

  14. Great painting, love the camo on the helmets.