Tuesday, 23 December 2014

From GregB - 20mm German WW2 Infantry Support Weapons (26 Points)

20mm German support weapons, NCO and radio man
For my next entry I am back on to 20mm WWII (a figure size I am totally falling in love with).  These figures are metal castings from Warmodelling Miniatures. I came across these when looking for command models to round out some holes in Plastic Soldier Company's 1/72 German Infantry set (namely, a lack of senior offices) and so I ordered a command group, an MG team and light mortar team.

3-man MG team...I think it is an MG-42...

There is a senior NCO on a hex-shaped base, a radio operator, an MG team (I think it is an MG42, but I'm not sure - more on that further into the post) and a light mortar team. The uniforms are mostly pre-war, although the MG team seems to have gaiters, so perhaps more 1943 than 1941.

An early war touch - light mortar team

I found the Warmodelling stuff to be a mixed bag - I think the sculpts are top notch, but the quality of the casting itself is really hit and miss. The MG mount was a terrible casting, to the point where I cannot even tell what type of MG it is actually supposed to be (I think it is MG42 because the barrel seemed more rectangular than round).  The tripod was also a mess.

NCO with MP-40 and radio operator

These were very nice sculpts
Warmodelling seems to have a wide variety of sculpts, but the experience of the poor casting quality will have me moving along to other figure manufacturers - I'm going to try some stuff from SHQ next.

3 man MG team - the sculpt on the weapon and the tripod was very poor; the rifle on the extra crewman was also mangled

The kit on the backs of the crew castings was much nicer
There are seven 20mm castings and two (very small) crew-served 20mm weapons. These fellows will join the growing pile of 20mm WWII stuff, and I look forward to adding more as the challenge continues!

From Curt:
I'm really enjoying your love-in with 20mm WWII Greg. Like your previous entries, these are wonderful. I can see what you're saying about the cast quality of these as I had to peer close to determine whether the MG was a 34 or 42. I can heartily recommend SHQ and FAA (and of course AB) as I have had good experience with all of them. I look forward to seeing more from you after Christmas (and I think you need to re-evaluate for your next points target)!


  1. These are very nice much nicer than the Russian 20mm I have on my table at the moment


  2. More cracking WW2 goodness! I'm loving this stuff Greg...

  3. Nice WWII stuff there. Great job. cheers

  4. Wow! Great job, Greg! Good paint makes even bad minis look good. These are impressive!

  5. Got to say Greg so much better than my 20mms. These really will grace the table. Excellent work.

  6. Amazing brushwork! A shame the castings were not up to your expectations.

  7. Lovely work Greg. It's a pleasure to watch this German force grow.