Tuesday, 23 December 2014

From JamesR - Rohan Royal Guard, Bohemian Archers and a Haircut (35 points)

Curt, I imagine these are worth the standard 35.

Hello, unlike many of you, I am sticking to Curt's LotR theme.  That said there's only three this time. They are Rohan Royal Guard models, which I honestly don't remember from the movies.

I tried to keep them fairly drab and miserable looking.

I have a solution for when your wife "organizes" your hobby supplies and your flock is not in the pile of junk you thought it was.  Wait till she falls asleep and put some quiet scissors to work.

Yes, that is her hair on their bases.  I figure hair grows 1/2 inch a month; I'll have an unlimited flock supply until she ages and all my grass turns blue.

These are some  Old Glory Bohemian Archers (DIF-25) from one of their better ranges, "Vlad "The Impaler" & Turkish Frontier range.  I believe you get at least five or six poses in the 30 man bag.  There is something funny with one of the poses as you'll see below.

 Here they are turning their backs on you.

Here they are on a castle wall.

This particular model has an odd condition.

Elephantiasis or severe gout, look how big his left leg looks from the side.

Till next time, when I hope to have a "mounted" entry and then some Battle Honors Ancients javelinmen.


From Curt:Clipped hair for flock!? Now, that's definitely a new one (the blue comment killed me btw). I'll try to keep an eye out for toenail twigs and dandruff snow (eww!). 
Seriously, these Rohan Royal Guard look very good, especially the brass helmet detail. The Old Glory models are excellent as well, though I guess you have to take your lumps (literally) with those economical bags of figures.  Great work!


  1. Nice work! I'm not brave enough to try the hair clipping idea, but I can recommend cats whiskers as tank radio aerials.

  2. Nice work and a brave brave man!

  3. The LotR really caught my eye, excellent stuff


  4. yet more LOTR figures. How delightful tey all look really good.

  5. Great figures but you should get a bonus point for bravery at a foolhardy level with your unique materials "sourcing" strategy.

  6. Very ingenious idea for basing grass and a lovely bunch of figures.

  7. well done! great to see that we are working on Bohemian archers !
    the mailcoats of the rohan are stunning!

  8. You are a brave man, and your wife a heavy sleeper. I would never try it, but also my wife's hair is black. Not so useful, unless for moldy hay.

  9. Very nice painting! Those Rohan guys definitely look the part.

  10. Great painting work. I have seen the Royal Guards only on duty or charging with the king, and they are really nice.

  11. I agree, extra points for the tactical acquisition of flock! My wife would have given me an eyeball thump for the effort!
    Great Royal guard! The Bohemian archers are nice too, and we know who the rear guard for them is! ;)

  12. What's wrong with a little bluegrass? I must admit I've never seen that one before. Thanks for putting a smile on my face. :-)

  13. Top job on improvising. Nice painting too :)