Tuesday, 23 December 2014

From IanW - Two Essex 15mm Dominate Roman Legions (96 Points)

I started a new project in last years Challenge. The unit to the rear being the submission and I had done nothing since, quite a fail given the number of figures prepped.

So the plan is to work deep into the ranks this year and I started with the two other full Legions I am able to paint up.I am short by half a legion for a fourth so probably pick these up next year at some point. I did not really enjoy painting these as they seemed to be really drab. Who who would have thought painting the shields all black would lift them?

These look that much better in my mind but even so I am toying with the idea of selling the army once finished and putting it towards a holiday as it's been a few years since we got away for a good break.

Essex have replaced these figures with more historically correct figures wearing mail, these look to have leather armour which was the main switch off. Next up for this army will be bow and slingers so most of my posts will be between Ancient and Dark Ages.

So forty-eight 15mm figures will get me 96 points not quite the bomb a few have dropped on us but not bad.
From Curt:  
Lovely work Ian! These look very fine indeed. I really like the blue and red shields and the unit in the tan tunic - very sharp. Remind me, what system are you going to use these for? 


  1. They do seem plain after your Napoleonic troops, but I really like the legion division with shield color. Very clean brushwork on them. I think you'd like them more if they had more poses.
    Lack of pose variation is what has kept me from finishing my 6mm forces ala 1st edition GW Epic! ;)

  2. You've been a bit spoilt with the colourful Nappies Ian. Nice job on these Romans :)

  3. Very clean work and they look great all ranked up.

  4. It is pleasing to see some Romans take the challenge field. Looking really good mate.

  5. I like what you've done with these Ian. Not everything has to be covered in gold braid :-)

  6. Nice work. They look really great all massed together.