Saturday, 27 December 2014

From TamsinP - 15mm Korean Righteous Army Command (11 Points)

After all those points bombs, here's a teeny tiny entry.

For my ever-expanding Choson Korean army, to use it as a certain date in FoG:R (1592-98 - the Samurai invasions of Korea) you have to take some warrior monks and some Righteous Army. The latter were a volunteer force composed of a mix of rural nobles and gentry, some monks and mostly peasants. And some regular troops from units which had fled or been destroyed. They mainly conducted guerrilla warfare against invading or occupying forces.

While I was prepping the figures for the warrior monks (which I might be taking away with me to paint over Christmas. Well, I will be taking them with me, whether or not I paint them is an entirely different matter. Oh, hang on - this post is going to be going up after Christmas isn't it? Well, you'll find out whether I did or didn't paint them if there's a post with them in today...) I noticed that I had the figures to do command stands for the warrior monks and the Righteous Army, so I prepped and primed those as well.

Just to get it out of the way and because there would only be space for all 16 bases of warrior monks and one command stand in the box I was taking away with me, I decided to paint this stand up quickly.

And then I remembered that I'd need suitable flags. A quick search of Google Images for inspiration, then some mucking about in MS Paint produced flags for the Righteous Army and the warrior monks.

A fairly basic paint job, so it will fit in with the rest of the army. Three foot figures and one mounted should give me 10 points, maybe 11 if Curt deems the flag worthy.

From Curt:Great work Tamsin and a worthy addition to your Choson army. I quite like the light blue horse harness and the flag really finishes off the stand.  Jolly good stuff!


  1. Lovely, that army certainly is growing


  2. Nothing wrong with a small entry Tamsin. Lovely figures and a great composition on that base.

  3. Nothing wrong with a small entry Tamsin. Lovely figures and a great composition on that base.

  4. Very nice, they are very nice. Small entries are cool!

  5. The best things come in small entries (oh er!)Said he actress to the Bishop. Sorry could not resist! That is a nice little sensible entry. Well done Tams

  6. Cool stuff. 15mm are a lot better than I ever thought they were. I might just migrate away from Peter Pig and take a look at some of the other manufacturers.
    (previously I've done everything except 15mil)

    1. Peter Pig is generally pretty good by comparison Roy. AB is the cream of the crop (although really 18mm) but it depends on what period you are looking for obviously.

  7. I don't doubt that this command group will end up at the head of an extremely righteous army! (yes, I peeked at your latest blog post)

  8. Nicely done, especially for a quick job before you leave.

  9. Just the right command to lead your army to battle.

  10. Very nice entry,Tamsin! Thanks for the history brief too! With my ancestors, I'm familiar with noble cause and scant resources! I like these fellows quite a bit! In fact I may be a new 15mm convert once the winter snows break! ;)

  11. Size doesn't matter Tamsin, it's what you do with it that counts! These are righteous dudes an no mistake.

  12. Really nice looking. Great job. Cheers

  13. @ Curt - thank you good sir! I just thought that a rural noble might go for something fancy for his harness.

    @ Edwin - Brothers! ;)

    @ Ian - getting close to 3 full box files now :)

    @ Anne - so good you wrote it twice! *lol* Thanks, and you're right. Small entries can be just as good as points bombs. :)

    @ Juan - thank you :)

    @ Clint - fnaar, fnaar! It made sense to submit it on its own :)

    @ Roy - cheers. There are plenty of 15/18mm manufacturers out there; as Millsy says it all depends on what period and armies you are interested in.

    @ Evan - well, a righteous part of an army ;)

    @ Dannoc - thanks :)

    @ Aaron - cheers :)

    @ Moiterei - it is indeed :)

    @ David B - thank you; you're welcome! :)

    @ Millsy - I just hope that the troops he'll be commanding perform righteously on the table :)

    @ Brendon - thanks! :)