Saturday, 27 December 2014

From TamsinP - 15mm Korean Warrior Monks (107 Points)

Well, I did manage to get some painting done while I was away over Christmas. Not as much as I'd have liked, but more than I actually expected.

Before getting onto my entry, I thought I'd share a picture of my workbench.

As you can see, there is something there that will be a WIP over the next few months. It's such a shame that I won't be able to share it with you. Honestly, I'd love to, but what with distances...oh, heck, who am I kidding? It's all for me, me, ME!!

But enough of that. You want pics of painted figures, for some bizarre reason.

So, here you go - my fifth entry for this year's Challenge.

As mentioned in my previous submission, to use my Choson Korean army in FoG:R for the 1592-98 Samurai invasion period, I have to take some Warrior Monks and Righteous Army. The list allows for 12 bases of warrior monks who can be taken as Superior medium foot (Bow*/Impact Foot/Sword). I've actually done 16 bases, so four of them can be used to bulk out my Righteous Army when I get to them (I can take 40 bases total of those, and they can be better overall quality than some of the "regular" Korean troops. Except in melee.).

The figures are Old Glory 15s. I used the Korean Guerrilla packs, but snipped off the topknots and smoothed the heads. I tried to get the impression of dark hair shaved, but the dark-blue-grey under a flesh wash hasn't come out quite as well as I'd hoped it would.

I went for a mix of oranges and dark-reds for their clothing, with some blue-grey mixed in as those seem to be the main colours worn by Korean monks. I have seen some in black or white, usually with either orange or red.

I also did a command stand for the Warrior Monks.

As with the Righteous Army command stand, the flag was knocked up in Paint after finding something suitable on Google. The lilac colour for the horse tack was inspired by a certain 1970s series. However, I hope this horse doesn't turn into a dragon - there isn't enough room in my flat!

And a pic of the monks with their commander:

So, totalling up: 1 mounted and 51 foot should give me 106 points, possibly with an extra point for the flag if Curt is feeling generous.

From Curt:Wonderful work Tamsin. I don't know what it is but that burnt orange and brown you've chosen (excuse the lame pun) is perfect for these - they just cry out 'Korean' for some reason. 
I also like the shot of your hobby space. It looks very similar to my own, except mine, sadly, lacks the Talisker Storm single malt for cleaning my brushes.  :0)


  1. ...and I was right!

    Truly Righteous work, Tamsin!

  2. Nice entry and a great shot of your work space and libations supply

  3. Curt's beaten me to it! I was going to comment on how wonderful the colour choice was on these Tamsin. I also really like the way you've executed the shaven skulls with just a hint of colour other than flesh tone. Wonderful work.

  4. Another nice one Tamsin.

    Your work space is far to clean :0)

  5. Great work on them! The colours work really well together. And you've really succeeded with the shaved heads.

  6. Another challenger passes me never to be caught again. Excellent to see the sprinters charge ahead. These figures are great just what we want and hope for from warrior monks.

  7. Great work Tamsin, they look pretty cool!

  8. Lovely stuff once more, and a fine choice of tipple!

  9. Fantastic entry, very nice painting work. And there are a lot of them!!!

  10. Really like the orange red as well these look great


  11. Top work. These look really nice.

  12. I'm beginning to see the error in my ways at crossing swords with you.... Great stuff! Drink some of that Talisker and slow down! ;)

  13. @ Curt - thanks! The orange was Bright Orange with a light dry-brush of German Orange; the red/brown was Black Red with a splash of Scarlet, dry-brushed with Scarlet.
    As for the Talisker - only the best for my brushes ;)

    @ Evan - you were indeed :)

    @ Miles - thank you x3

    @ Millsy - thanks. Colour choice was determined by looking at pics. Getting the paints right was more difficult :)
    I think it may have been better to do a blue-grey wash over the flesh, but it's too late now.

    @ Anne - it only looks clean in the picture and because I hadn't unpacked the figures at that point!
    I thought you'd like these as they are colourful and rather different.

    @ Samuli - thanks. The colours do work well together.

    @ Clint - I'm not sprinting, just maintaining a good cruising pace :)

    @ Ray - thanks old chap! :)

    @ Dave - cheers and cheers! *hic*

    @ Juan - 48 (plus 4) isn't a lot. 256 Swiss pikemen on the other hand... :)

    @ Ian - glad you like them :)

    @ Roy - cheers!

    @ Dux - I'm just giving myself some breathing space in case things go wrong later ;)

    @ Sander - thanks! :)

  14. You're "points bombing" the rest of us into submission, Tamsin! ;-)

    As others have said, great colour choices, and the banners are the perfect finishing touch! ...and yeah, your work area is far too neat! ;-)

    1. Well, if I'm points bombing, I hate to think what Millsy, Miles and DaveD are doing! ;)

      As I said in my response to Anne, my workbench only looks neat in the pic because I didn't have any figures out for painting when it was taken...

      I'm glad you like the colours and banners :)

  15. Lovely, colourful, esoteric, exotic.
    Tamsin, you are henceforth appointed my "Obscure Armies Heroine", with all the honours, appurtenances, and emoluments therewith.

    1. Thank you Padre. Armies of the Orient certainly are generally lovely, colourful and exotic. I guess adding monks to the mix adds the esotericism :)

      "with all the honours, appurtenances, and emoluments therewith"

      If this title is anything like the ones I've had previously it usually involves me giving up lots of my time and forking out quite a bit of my own money ;)

  16. Lovely work as always. I actually think the "stubbly" shaved head thing you were going for looks quite effective, particularly on the commander.