Saturday, 10 January 2015

From SteH - The Hobby Butterfly Strikes Back! (150 points)

The holiday period always seems to push something to the backburner and in my case it was blogging. Luckily my very understanding other half has hobbies of her own so I do get the opportunity to paint once the kids are in bed (whilst she explores the wonderful world of crochet, cross stitch, painting or cake decorating!). Anyway this entry is a bit of a cornucopia of submissions, I am definitely in the hobby butterfly camp and do not expect to change for the duration. And so here are my random submissions completed through the festive celebrations:

Lord of the Rings – 8x Orcs
Some more of my budget second hand Orc’s, these are the ones that required repairs, mainly on weapons and such. Very simple paint scheme’s and my usual Vallejo sepia wash to give them a suitably grubby look. I think I’ve only got another 15 to go now!

Lord of the Rings – 6x Warg Riders
If I was more organised these would have made it into the Rider and Mount bonus round however I was too busy stuffing my face with the aforementioned cake decorating output. Much like the Orcs above these little devils were second hand and required a little repair prior to base coating and repainting. They’re painted in the same style as above although for some insane reason I used an old GW Black Ink on the Wargs which has given them a bit of shiny look (obviously they’ve recently been playing in a pond, like all happy doggies do!). I’ll see if it dies down once I get my dull coat spray. I have to say I’m not a big fan of these models, maybe it’s just that I haven’t found a colour scheme/style that I like

5x PSC 15mm M4A1 Shermans
They’ve been in the painting queue for some time and deserved a little attention. I really like Will’s stuff (apart from the weird German infantry, which he has now redone) and have quite a large stash of tanks in 15mm to get completed. And so here we have five M4A1, two with 75mm guns and three with the rather excellent 76mm gun. Now where did I put those good WW2 rules?

Naismith Sung Chinese 15mm
This is a weird one, I’ve had these sitting about for ages and suddenly got the urge to paint them just after Christmas day. So while my kids tried to destroy their wooden train track I set to painting them up with no other plan than to enjoy myself. What came out of it is a vague plan to collect an Empire of Tsuranuanni army, these figures being part of the Minwanabi force! I’m not sure whether I’ll actually do it however I did enjoy painting them and they’ve turned out pretty well so we’ll see. I’ve just got to figure out what to use for the Kingdom forces and the Cho-Ja? Anyone know any good 15mm Ant models?

So after all that I reckon this little lot is worth 148pts (ish). Not quite the points bomb that others manage to achieve but a tidy little effort nonetheless. However I shall let the ultimate arbiter (Curt) decide the final tally!

From Curt:

Wow, that is a wonderful spread of genres, periods and scales Ste! All of these miniatures look great - Lord of the Rings goodness, wonderfully weather-beaten Shermans, but I think I have to say the Sung Chinese are my favourites. I always find their whacky artillery to be fascinating and I like the ad-hoc reinforcing around the canon (I think they may want to be further away when this thing goes off...). Wonderful stuff.

Great Job Ste!


  1. Now that is a diverse assortment...great work!

    I didn't know PSC has re-done their German infantry - that will be something to check out.

    1. Thanks
      Yeah I think they've done them in the style of their late war british (bigger heads, guns, hands). Not that the true scale approach was wrong it's just some of the poses looked weird!

  2. Great mix of stuff. I liked it all.

  3. That's a wonderful cross-section of scales and periods sir, and all of it wonderfully executed! Well done indeed. More please!

  4. I do like assortments (especially of chocolates/sweeties) and you've provided a very nice mixed bag of minis for us.

    Nice work Ste :)

  5. And a very eclectic mix it is! Good job with the nasty orcsies! They look suitably adhoc, motley, vicious and ready to slaughter! The Sherman's look really fine and I like the dirty hulls. The Chinese are very good, although the exuberance of the cannon cockers makes me want to get some distance! ;)

  6. I like the mixed bag approach as it shows your versatility both as a gamer and as a painter.

    Great entry!

  7. Cheers chaps and chapesses.
    It's always nice to break it up a bit, if I concentrate on one thing for too long I lose my marbles.
    Now it's back to Lord of the Rings!

  8. It took me a while to remember the armies in Raymond E Feist's books but I did in the end. Yes I agree they would make great armies for that but no sorry I don't know anyone making good 15mm ants!
    The Sherman's the orcs and the wargs are all good and it is nice to see you have been busy over the festive period. I wish I had been more so.

  9. Fantastic painting work, really nice!!!

  10. Great painting. And I agree - a crafty other half has its useful!

  11. Nice work! I especially like the Chinese.

  12. Great mix of stuff. Variety can help the flow going. Cheers

  13. Brill entry, I like the orc infantry the most, the clothing colours really work for me


  14. Pretty nice mix of stuff, but overall the same high level of quality. Well done!

  15. A great mix of work Ste, nice one!