Thursday, 22 January 2015

From Millsy - 28mm Imagi-nation Grenadiers (117 points)

My final submission of the week is the 1st Novi Byelgorod Grenadiers of Velikye Byelgorodniya, an elite unit from my mate Evan's army in our imagi-nations project, Die Krieg des Zobelshuts. Velikye Byelgorodniya is an 18thC Russian analogue and the uniforms follow the Russian style of the period (up to a point anyways).

The miniatures are the wonderful Front Rank SYW Russians. Honestly, I've never seen a Front Rank miniature I didn't love and these are no exception. Along with Artizan and Copplestone they are my favourites in the historical 28mm space.

The "grenadiers" themselves are something of a mistake. I meant to buy a bunch of ordinary grenadiers but accidentally bought all officer figures as they are also musket armed. Once I'd got over the WTF?!?!? moment I experienced upon opening the parcel it occurred to me this would make a rather good looking unit with all those gorgets and other officer wibblies. What I hadn't counted on was the effort required to paint an entire unit of the buggers... :-)

The flags are home brew efforts using some images I pinched off the net. Both are Evan's design. Firstly the national colour:

And then the regimental colour.

The officer's mount was painted pre-Challenge for some reason (I have no idea why!) so that's a total of 115 points in miniatures plus whatever a couple of flags and all those officers (still scratching my head how I managed that) are worth...

From Curt:

To be honest I've never really understood the whole Imagi-Nation thing, but these figures are wonderful. Millsy, it kills me that you ordered nothing but officers (this is something I would totally do)! Actually there is precedent for all officer regiments found during the Russian Civil War so you're not that far off. The flags are great (hat's off to Evan) and I love the banner cords on the standards - very posh to be sure.

I'll give you extra points for the banners but I'm afraid you're out of luck on the officer gambit, sorry. 

BUT this entry sees you push past your 2K points target AND regain 1st place position from Dave. Congratulations Millsy - well done indeed!!


  1. Excellent l and love he back story..

  2. Beautifully painted Millsy :)

    I'm still laughing that you managed to order all officers for this unit ;)

  3. Lovely work! Nice mix up with the officers :) Still they look great as a unit so no harm done :P

  4. Mr Mills has done sterling work in bringing this splendid regiment to life, for which I am eternally grateful. He's definitely in line for the Order of the Ancient Spoonbill!

    Please feel free to visit the beautiful land of Velikye Byelgorodniya, land of bounteous fields, expansive forests, aromatic swamps, and respectful serfs. Try the beets!

  5. I love them! Clearly this is one of those cadet training regiments were the privates all hold nominal officer rank and will go on to be Lieutenants in line regiments after learning their trade in this "guard battalion" and as such wear officers regalia while carrying out a privates duty. I even think the Russians had such a unit at one point. The look great and I would call ordering all officers a Happy Accident.

  6. Millsy

    We all have those whoops packages in our lead mountains. Great looking unit. I love the whole imagination thing, but have enough historic armies that I can't finish!

  7. Great stuff Millsy! As with others, I am enjoying the ordering of nothing but officers. I have made similar errors, but not a whole unit worth!

  8. Great unit - would make a good Empress's bodyguard. I love the whole imaginations thing, I already have plans for my ACW forces to invade British controlled Africa to the south near Mexico

  9. They look very sharp! Lotsa bling! ;)
    I'm uncertain of their quality though, they should be non com's they would at least fight! ;)

  10. Wonderful submission by Michael. I'm with you, Curt on the Imagination thing too - although always happy to see what folks come up with.

  11. Great work just amazing output and quality you top guys achieve


  12. This is a terrific entry, Michael. I think using the officer figure for the whole unit is one of those brilliant mistakes by which great art and great inventions are made. Looks fantastic, and putting a mounted grenadier officer in the middle is very smart too. Great stuff.

  13. Great painting work; they are fantastic!

  14. Despite your little mistake by ordering only officers I have to say these are some rather impressive buggers! They cut quite a striking figure in their green/ white/ red uniforms and the funny hats... I really never got to like the fashion of that time but yours look great.
    I also like the character you managed to instill to these figures. As it befits real officers some of them definitely look quite smug.

  15. Lovely looking unit, still laughing about the mistake with the officers. I did a similar thing with Front Frank a few years ago.