Saturday, 17 January 2015

From TamsinP - Salutesville's Finest (105 Points)

"If these are Salutesville's Finest, I'd hate to see their worst!"

For my 10th entry (10 entries in 6 weeks? Am I mad?) I present a bunch of 28mm cops for my Mob Wars project, along with their transport.

The Vehicles are from Blue Moon's "Highways and Byways" range and the crew figures are also Blue Moon.

I will be adding decals at some point. If you care to take a look at the WIP pics on my blog, you will see that the inside of the back of the panel van has been fully painted.

To prove the crew figures are painted to a similar level to the rest of the cops:

"That Tamsin's got to be mad painting us up so well, when we'll hardly be seen!"
A detachment from Dixon Precinct...

...joining the squad from Murch Precinct

Deputy Chief Campbell* thinks The Untouchables' Jimmy Malone is a pussy. "He brings a knife, you bring a heavy machine gun. That's the Salutesville way."

*Named in honour of the Snowlord, as he has his work cut out doing such an excellent job of policing the hoodlums of the Challenge Mob.

You may have guessed from the precinct names that the first 4 cops are from Dixon Miniatures with the last eight being from Pulp Figures.

The paving slab bases were sculpted by me from Milliput so that they'd fit in with my earlier Blue Moon cops.

Now, let us see:
2 vehicles at 15 points each;
4 crew figures at half-of-5 points each (is that right Curt?)
12 cops at 5 points each
one HMG - I'd say it's a little small to count as a crew served weapon, maybe 5 points?

That should give me 105 points, putting me ahead of Alan, but sadly still behind Ian.

From Curt:

Between the Victorian/Steampunk submissions and the work from Dave and Tamsin we're being treated to a wonderful dose of characterful coppers over the past few weeks. 

I love those stretch Paddy Wagons (heading RIGHT over to Blue Moon after this post...). They look almost like diecast models - are they resin or white metal Tamsin? The drivers/passengers are an excellent touch.

While the Murch castings are marvellous, it's great to see the Dixon range getting some love in this popular theme (I particularly like the portly cop with the scattergun). 

Ah, and Deputy Chief Campbell looks like a proper, dictatorial, bossy loudmouth - how especially suitable (Hmm, I wonder if I can get a speaking trumpet on ebay? I could use it to call out to Sarah to fetch me more coffee and treats while I'm working on the blog - I'm sure she'd appreciate that...).

Great work Tamsin! 


  1. Excellent stuff. The paddy wagons are really cool.. I will be getting some of those. And oh my a HMG... Does it come with a belt or 3 or ammo?

    1. It has an attached box of ammunition. You can see it in the 3rd image from the bottom. (I have the set as well)

    2. And Tamsin, that looks awfully like the side of a very large warehouse building if I am not mistaken...

  2. These are great. Pretty sure if you fought the law the law would win. Is the HMG next to the hydrant cos it's water cooled?

  3. Great work Tamsin! Seems that the fuzz in Salutesville is pretty much prepared for everything with their weaponry :)

  4. @ Curt - the BLue Moon vehicles have resin bodies, but the rest is white metal (wheels, axles, headlamps, bumpers, roof).
    ps - lucky I alerted you to your typo :)

    @ Dave - Curt's got it right - ammo box on the left. Yes, that is the side of a warehouse. I really must finish it (and the corner shop) straight after the Challenge.

    @ Martin - I guess the hydrant would be helpful for that, but the reality is that the base was looking bare so I decided to add it.

    @ Ray - cheers!

    @ Samuli - thanks. They aren't quite there yet, but I've just ordered a couple of bits to ensure they are indeed prepared for the worst :)

  5. Wooohoo! This is a sweet bunch of work here. Those cars are just the business and the fact that you painted those guys inside so well is amazing. It is things like that which take a piece of work from good to outstanding. I also like your bases and the fire hydrant is a great addition.

    Keep 'em coming!

  6. "(10 entries in 6 weeks? Am I mad?)"

    You're taking part in the Challenge. Madness is a given!

    Great work, Tamsin - at this rate you're going to end up with more police than most large cities!

  7. How excellent. Great bunch of coppers Tamsin. Very cool modes of transport as well. Cheers

  8. Cracking work Tamsin. Lovely minis and very well painted up. The chap with the hydrant and the HMG is especially good. Did they really use them during the period? I wouldn't have thought so but you never know...

  9. I really did think those were die cast vehicles at first. They look fantastic. And that HMG goes to show that police militarization isn't just a recent issue of concern... O__o

  10. The HMG is interesting but probably impractical and bound to result in collateral "splash" damage. However it is good to see and adds to the completeness of the shift! Nice work mate despite my quibbling!

  11. Oh wow, these are indeed very characterful. The cars are downright brilliant and the basing ties the figures together nicely. I like adding little scenic items, like the fire hydrant, myself so think these are very well done indeed.

  12. These are great, I really like the cars and the fact that you painted the people inside. The cops are great, the bases really bring everything together. Can't wait for your next submission.

  13. Great painting work! All of them are fantastic!

  14. Great entry Tamsin, I think the bad guys may wish you had the week off LOL


    1. You would comment while I was replying to the others!

      Cheers Ian! I'm sure they do, I'm sure they do! :)

  15. @ Anne - I was sure you'd love this entry. The drivers and passengers were painted before being glued into the vehicles (I'm not mad enough to have glued them in and then painted them!). :)

    @ Evan - thankfully, there are only a couple more packs of police that I haven't bought, so maybe a dozen more cops to add at some point! ;)

    @ Brendon - cheers! :)

    @ Millsy - I have no idea if any police forces had/used them, although I have read allegations that some state militias might have used them against striking miners around that period.

    @ David - thanks! I guess that the gloss finish might have made you think they were die-casts. The HMG is a handy addition to their arsenal :)

    @ Clint - such quibbles! But how innocent are those civilians really? ;)

    @ Sander - thanks! I thought the fire hydrant would help make that large base look less empty. Of course, after painting them all up, I found that I did have some 25x50 mm bases which might have been a better option.

    @ Peter - thanks! This may be the last "Mob Wars" submission from me for a while - I'll be focusing on my 6mm ACW for the next few weeks.

    @ Juan - thanks! :)

    @ RMacedo - cheers! :)

  16. Cops and squad trucks! Look really good, Tamsin!
    Nice shiny look on the vicks too! I like the mixture of uniforms and equipment on the lawmen. Like the officer with the scoped rifle. Really good stuff, and it seems your PD is ready for most of Postie's Mob shenanigans! ;)

  17. Love your coppers, Tamsin, and the vans are little gems. An HMG on the streets - must be a tough neighbourhood. These guys obviously haven't gotten the memo on why the militarization of America's police is a bad thing. ;)

  18. The trucks are very cool. Everybody looks great. I'm glad you're painting larger models now.

  19. @ David - it's nice and shiny because Deputy Chief Campbell likes everything polished that can be polished, and even if it can't be polished the officers should polish it!
    They're almost ready to take on Postie's mob - maybe a few more cops and vehicles (the latter may have been ordered already...)

    @ Michael P - thank you Padre. It is a tough neighbourhood - pistols and rifles aren't powerful enough to take down The Lurker and The Badger.
    What memo? ;)

    @ Greg - cheers! :)

    @ Baconfat - thanks! I've always painted a mix of scales, so this isn't a huge departure from my norm :)

  20. Great Job Tamsin! Looks like Blue Moon is as good in 28mm as they are in 18mm.