Thursday, 26 February 2015

From MilesR - 28mm WWII Fallschirmjager & Misc Vehicles (160 Points)

 Yet more WW2 stuff - some 28mm scale German Fallschirmjager, 2 Bren Carriers and a M8 Scott assault gun.  I'm really plowing through my lead pile as all these miniature have been primed an awaiting painting for a very long time - the Fallshirmjager have been primed for over four years!
 First up are 18 Fallschirmjager infantry painted in Mediterranean jump suits.  As indicated above, I've had these figures for years and have forgotten who the manufacturer is.  The figures are very nice and were a lot of fun to paint.

 This is the first time I've done a camo style uniform (sad isn't it?).  I've always been nervous about painting camo uniforms for some reason but actually found it fun!  This painting pales in comparison to most of the other Challenge participants but I;m happy with the outcome.

 Next up are a pair of Bren Carries from Blitzkrieg models.  These were fun to do and I opted to do one for the desert and one for the pacific.  I'll leave it to the reader to figure out which is which.

 The Bren carries with the pintle mounted Bren gun is kitted out as a recon version.  The other one is just a generic transport.

 Lastly, the final vehicle is a M8-Scott from Warlord Games.  I actually assembled and primed this baby for last year's Challenge but never got around to painting her up.  It's a simple little vehicle and is a nice addition to a Bolt Action Army.

I'm trying a different form of mud that has more texture added to it.  I like how it's come out and will adjust my mud formula going forward.

I've got a bunch of business travel this week so there will not be any other submissions from me this week and likely the next one.

Thanks for reading

From Curt:

A wonderful exhibition of your work Miles.
Congratulations on your first camo uniform (how you've managed to avoid painting any until now is beyond me)! I've always liked the fallschirmjagers' mediterranean jump uniform and you've done a great job on them. I have to admit my eye was immediately drawn to the M8 as it's such a interesting looking vehicle. It reminds me that I need to pick one up for my French Indochina project as it saw service there as well.

Great job!


  1. Thats a sweet M8.. one of my personal favourites.good job

  2. Nice work Miles. I remember painting that camo pattern on the Airfix figures back as a teenager.

  3. Wonderful! Hang on, where's the Napoleonics? :)

  4. Excellent stuff. You've got an impressive set of forces assembling.

  5. I am thinking of doing Crete in 28mm, your helping that idea move along a pace with your great looking figures


  6. I really like the rust on the M8 Scott, the only thing you could do to improve it would be to give it to me and never ask for it back! (But not much chance of that, as long as you remain sane!) They all look good but to me the scot takes the prize!

  7. "the Fallshirmjager have been primed for over four years!"
    All that means is the undercoat is properly seasoned. Well done Miles, a diminishing lead pile is what we all love to see!

  8. Thanks for the kind comments - This wasn't the most productive week for me as I was in San Francisco speaking at a conference (if you think my historical comments are boring....). I might get a little paining in on Sunday and it will have a Napoleonic theme