Thursday, 26 February 2015

From PaulS - 28mm WWII Russian Reinforcements (73 Points)

Last year I managed to get some of my Russian forces painted up for Bolt Action. This year, I finally managed to finish off the remains of that box set. The troops that I finished last year were all very clean and fresh looking, with all of the uniforms being... uniform. This year they have been at war for quite some time and are starting to run out of resources, so the clothing is a mixture of browns, and Russian uniform green to add a bit of wear and tear to the existing units. I may go back and tweak some of last years at some point. Anyway... we have two LMGs to add some much needed firepower to the infantry squads

8 SMGs. Not sure if these will be a dedicated SMG squad, or if they will add lots of extra shots to standard squads... either way, lots of shots. The guy in the cloth hat instead of the helmet is an officer of some kind.

3 riflemen to add to the others form last year. I suspect I'll need a lot more of these guys in the future...

 1 sniper. His spotter can be played by any of the riflemen, probably rifleman number 1 above.

And 1 misc molotov wielding lunatic without another weapon. I suspect he will end up as part of an unarmed, tank hunting militia squad eventually. The rest probably need to be a bit more scruffy though as he's looking a bit too neat and tidy.

So in total, that is 15 more figures, one of whom is laying down (the lazy swine!). This little lot, plus the zombies from the other update, should tip me over the 1000 point mark, which means I need yet another new goal and (I think) doubles last year's total... though I'm not 100% sure on that second one. With a couple more weeks left and one more challenge to go, I think we'll go for another 500 points even though at this point in time that is seriously unlikely.

From Curt:

An interesting change of pace for you Paul. These Soviets look great. I particularly like the flame effect you did on the fellows with the Molotov cocktails. 

Congratulations on hitting your second target! Last year you hit 1009 points so you're on a roll for this Challenge. I'll mark you down for 1500 for your next target. Good luck!


  1. Really? Wow, I thought I'd done far less than that last year. Good to know :D

  2. More Russkis for the Challenge - great stuff Paul :)

  3. That Molotov with the light reflecting off his helmet, great work


  4. While I dislike the Bolt Action rules I do like the painting of these figures. I think that 28mm WW2 figures can look stunning and these do.

    1. Thanks! I've not actually played yet, only watched others. I love the models though. I'm a sucker for plastic kits with lots of options

  5. Love em Paul. The chap with the Molotov is a corker!

  6. Great looking figures Paul.

  7. Very nice, I like the idea with the bases too.

  8. Very nice painting. Great looking animation with these ones. cheers

  9. Great job on the models and the painting. The clear bases really go nicely--this is the first time I've seen them used with WWII figures, I think, and it works really well.