Thursday, 26 February 2015

From StefanoS - 28mm WWII British 8th Army Infantry (65 Points)

This will probably be my last entry to the annual challenge :

13 Perry beautiful plastic 28mm 8th Army.

Wife happy after San Valentine's dinner ­čśâ

I spread through my club mate the virus of the Challenge.. so hopefully more Italians will join next year.

Cheers from Italy!


From Curt:

Excellent stuff Stefano! I like the bleached out tones you've used for these figures - it really conveys the idea of them campaigning in the desert. Well done!

Thanks for joining us again this year Stefano, it was great having you along.


  1. I also think we need more Italians. Nice figures I really like the black edges I must learn how to do that one day.

  2. What an entry to finish on! Great work


  3. Lovely job Stefano! This was a smashing final entry! Hope to see you again next year.