Thursday, 26 February 2015

From MichaelA - Burnaby & Friends (30 points)

Finally an entry from me in the Challenge proper!  For someone who rarely plays a game, I seem to be amassing a decent collection of skirmish rules and so when Warlord Games released 'Blood On The Nile', a Sudan Black Powder supplement, I just had to have a copy. To sweeten the pill somewhat this splendid edition came with a rather wonderful free miniature representing that quintessential Victorian hero, Frederick Gustavus Burnaby.  

Having painted the man himself it seemed only right and proper to give him something to scare with that shotgun of his and so five Perry Miniatures plastic Mahdists were hurriedly assembled and painted.  Not quite in the same league as that painting machine David Docherty Esq. but an entry I’m pleased to see finally posted.

From Curt:

While it's always a treat to see your work in the Theme Rounds Michael, I must say it's wonderful to have you mixing it up with us on the main page. Welcome to the madness!

Burnaby and his rather tentative pals look terrific. For 'hurried' jobs the Mahdists are superb.  Burnaby himself looks suitably tall (I've read that he was 6' 4") and ferocious with his bushy moustache and double-barreled shotgun.  Too bad the daft bugger succumbed to the conceit of sportsmanship and left it in his tent at Abu Klea (that is his shotgun, not his moustache...).

Wonderful stuff Michael!


  1. Always good to see your work and these do not disappoint. Awesome mate.

  2. They are really nice, Burnaby and his friends; great painting work.

  3. Good to see you over this side of the challenge ;)
    Burnaby looks great. Is the book any good? The previews in WI looked interesting, but I wasn't sure what it would be like for someone that doesn't play BP

  4. Wonderful work as always Sir Michael :)

  5. Always a treat to see your work and these continue the tradition


  6. What a resoundingly Victorian name!

    Excellent work, Michael, he looks like he's ready to take part in a Ripping Yarn and see off the enemies of the Empire!

  7. A cracking Burnably.. but somehow i feel he is not outnumbered enough.. just saying ;-D

  8. You really do some of the best African skin tones going around mate. As Dave says, Burnaby is a corker but he needs another couple of thousand chaps chasing him...