Monday, 16 March 2015

Voting Results for the Final Theme Round: 'Antihero'

Well, here we are. The last theme round is complete and what a wonderful ride it's been. My entries fell off the wagon a few weeks ago amongst the flurry of work and administration, but I've keenly enjoyed each of the seven rounds and hope you all have as well.

Since the overarching theme of this year's Challenge was the antihero I thought it fitting to have it as the last theme. It's turned out to be a good choice as I think many of the participants put in some of their best work to date. I tip my hat to all those who submitted - superb work.

Not to dally any further, the runners-up for 'Antihero' are:

Iannick's 'Elrick of Melnibone'

SeanS' 'Campbell the Cannibal'

SanderS' 'Cobraaa!'

ScottB's 'Boromir, Son of Gondor'

Millsy's 'Ye will ne'er will take me alive constable!'

Burkhard's 'Tyrion Lannister'

In Third Place we have a tie with MichaelA's 'No Women No Kids' and PeterB's 'Burke & Hare'. Twenty-five points for each of you lads - well done!

BrianB's 'Uhtred of Bebbanburg' hacked his way into Second Place (and 50 additional bonus points). Very (anti)Heroic stuff Brian!

And in First Place, and just in time for his final rest in Leicester Cathedral, we have StefanK's wonderful 'King Richard III'. Stefan, you will receive 75 bonus points AND a gift certificate from the fine folks over at Deep Cut Studio. Congratulations Stefan!


  1. cool. Congrats winners. Anyone feeling tired yet? Paint on in the last few days.

  2. Well done to all the winners, Stefan's is a very worthy winner!

  3. Congrats to all the prize winners - superb work boys :)

  4. Well done to all, some great entries


  5. Well done Stefan and everyone else for that matter!

  6. Wow! Many, many thanks to all you gave their appreciated votes to my humble work.

    I feel honoured to have my entry in such distinguished company. Awesome entries, mates !

  7. And of course many thanks to Curt and DeepCutStudio for the bonus points and the gift certificate. I've been lurking around their mats for a long time now... ;-)

    1. Oh yes, this would have been one of the prices I would have been able to make good use of, too. So I. Can understand that! ;-)

  8. Congratulations all! Again, I see my votes went with the trend!

  9. A very well deserved win - an excellent mini and wonderful presentation!

  10. Congrats to Stefan and yay me. I finally made an honorable mention. I was beginning to think it was outside my reach.

  11. A round of applause for all winners indeed! You know, in all the bonus themes I competed in: I have never once begrudged the winner his or her price; each and every winning entry was well deserving of it's price. Great stuff and a shame it's all over in some days time...

  12. A truly worthy winner. Congratulations not only to the placed challengers, but indeed to everyone who took part in the bonus rounds. Now, on with the final points dash and my Curtgeld!

    Pip pip

  13. Well done to the winners, a cracking effort.

  14. Congratulations to the winner!

  15. Congrats to Stefan and the runners up! I'm just chuffed I finally got a bonus round entry on time! ;)