Saturday, 14 March 2015

From TeemuL - Dark Eldar Warriors with Splinter Cannons (20 Points)

Something different this time. I was again in the position, that I had no primed models. It was cold, windy and rainy outside, so no possibilities for outdoor spraying. My basecoat paint was out, too.

Luckily I remembered these old models I bought years ago, they were already painted black, so it was easy and quick to finish the painting. Wise and young me had discovered this quite easy, fast and good looking paint scheme for my Dark Eldar army.

All these four warriors carry a powerful splinter cannon. It has higher rate of fire than regular rifle, it is more powerful and you can shoot with it while you advance. Or at least that was how it was in the 3rd/4th edition, when I used to play WH40K.

Of course today, once I had finished these models, it was calm, dry and sunny outdoors, giving a different challenge for taking pictures - there was too much light. That's why there are several pictures, I hope they don't reveal the detaillessness too much.

The recipe is quite simple, black undercoat and then quite wet drybrush of bright green. Similar highlight with grey to the guns. Then bright metal to all the blades and details on the gun. Dark Blue Ink wash over bright metal to give a futuristic and alien look to some details of the guns.

These four 28mm GW models give me 20 points, with the points coming from the antihero bonus round, I should be at striking distance of my points target. So at least one post more is coming!

From Curt:

Wow, I haven't seen these Dark Eldar figures for quite some time. Nice job Teemu! I really like the contrast of the electric blue 'energy source' of the splinter cannons set against their dark green armour. Very effective.

Your are sooo close your points target but I think one more entry next week should seal the deal. 

Well done.


  1. Very nice, good choice of green.

  2. Nice work, really like the contrasting colours


  3. Thank you all! As I said, they were very fast and easy to paint, yet the outcome is quite nice and effective.

  4. The weapons look great, Teemu! Great job on them, that green is very nice.