Saturday, 14 March 2015

From JamesR - Burgundian Billmen, Chasseurs a Cheval, and a Ringwraith (185 Points)


I managed to finish up a pack of guys and finally break my goal.  I don't think I have time to make a new goal of 1250.

First are eleven of those plastic Perry medieval miniatures, that everyone has been painting up.  They saw their first action in a game of Lion Rampant last weekend.

Here they are running away, just like they did in their first battle.  When playing Lion Rampant don't let your troops get caught in rough ground, by ferocious troops.


Here's a couple guys beating on tambourines.

Here are eleven Perry metal Chasseur a Cheval.  I loved painting them and my only complaint is the swords are metal and will likely be mangled by the end of their first battle. I constantly bent the stupid things while painting them.

Here they are running away from my sword bending fingers.  I base most of my cavalry on a mix of single and multiple bases.  It allow some ease of movement, with the ability to use the minis in a skirmish game.

Here's one the GW LotR Ringwraith minis.  I wish I had a few hundred of these guys, they paint so fast I could double my score in a week.  It's a extremely versatile miniature that can be used in all manner of games.

Here he is as a French Officer leading a cavalry charge into some disorganized billmen.

"Chargez!  Ecrasez-lez!"

Till next time.

Love and kisses,

From Curt:

As Napoleon famously said, nothing beats a Ringwraith in leading a cavalry charge.

I pity the billmen, I'd be running away too. :)

Great work James!


  1. Very nice work James :)

    @ Curt - although that quotation is usually attributed to Napoleon, he was himself quoting Pappenheim.

  2. Lovely submission, I especially like the French


  3. Excellent and I always knew Chasseurs had that sort of boldness in them!

    1. Thanks, your Chasseurs were my inspiration.

  4. Very nice work. Love the last photos. Cheers

  5. What an eclectic mix. There is nothing there I do not like.

  6. Grand work! The last shot is grand...and about like my table when playing with my kids! ;)