Saturday, 14 March 2015

SteH - Professor Moriarty! (5 Points)

This guy was supposed to be my Curtgeld but I had a moment of selfishness after painting him up and choose to keep him instead! Am I bad?

This 28mm mini is from Black Pyramid Games and had always been intended to be used in my VSF gaming as the arch nemesis of Sherlock Holmes - Professor Moriarty.

I tried to go for an elegantly attired gent and even went so far as to paint spats on to his feet. Oh and for anyone who has noticed I don't normally paint eyes but after having at ScottB's his models have been wearing me down and I may just have to start giving my minis the gift of sight!

So in the last stretch of the challenge I'm going all out to net myself an amazing........ 5pts.

From Curt:

Yes, you are a very bad man because I want this figure. :) Though to be honest, as great as he is, Moriarty is more of a straight-up villian than an antihero so perhaps it's best that he  stay in your collection in order to cause mayhem for your heroes.

But back to the figure: Beautiful work Ste. I really like your choice of contrasting colours for his clothes as they really make him look very natty. I especially like the buff coloured waistcoat and your addition of the white spats. Very posh indeed.

Is that a snake writhing behind him?

Again, great work Ste.


  1. Fantastic job on Moriarty. Those trousers are really well done

  2. Excellent work Ste. Great choice of colours :)

  3. Very nice indeed Ste. He's really broody and has a quiet menace about him. Spot on!

  4. You got his number perfect as without being told he was one of the bad guys you could tell. Bravo


  5. Perfect choice of colours, he looks brooding and menacing.

  6. Lovely work mate, the eyes are great :)

  7. Great job,Ste! Crisp brushwork and that facial expression is great! Really sharp looking bad man!