Saturday, 14 March 2015

SteH - Sprint for the finish, in jeeps and M20's (47 Points)

That's right, I'm frantically trying to paint up enough stuff to actually hit my target and I'm really running out of time.

Here we have a tank destroyer security section for Flames of War - a jeep and two M20 utility's. The M20's were easy to paint but the jeep not so much. However I really like the battlefront US jeep model and it was a joy to paint. I've done these as the 2nd armoured division as they were the first armoured units to hook up with the 101st on D-day.

And so on to the second part of this submission, 3x recon jeeps. These guys are supposed to be a jeep recon patrol from the 327th glider infantry regiment of the 101st and as I've already started I really enjoy painting jeeps. 

As I did with my airborne infantry I've painted the 101st screaming eagle badge on them however to differentiate them from their higher paid comrades I've tried to paint the stars and stripes on them, it kind of works.

Anyway there you go, a few more points to bump me up to my target a bit, let's see if I can make a few more tomorrow!

From Curt:

Great job Ste! The M20 are very nice but your jeeps really steal the show - fabulous work on the shoulder patches!

With this entry (I think you may have short changed yourself in you initial points assessment) AND your wonderful Smeagol you're now in the clear for hitting your point's target - Congratulations!

Well done Mr. H!


  1. Nice vehicles Ste!

    45 points to go - you can do it! :)

  2. Only 45 points? Surely you can do that mate. Good to see the quality isn't falling away though. These are awesome and good on you for painting all the unit insignia!

  3. Smashing work, the patches really work!!


  4. Thanks Chaps and Chapess
    Just banged in my final post, think I've nailed it. What a blast, this was my first Challenge but I'll be back for the next!

  5. Nice work, the shoulder patches add that pop to the eye.

  6. Excellent. I wish I had painted them!

  7. The jeeps are show stealers! From the wear and tear on the Vicks to the troop shoulder patches, very well done!