Thursday, 7 January 2016

From BrendonW - 28mm Arab Foot Bowmen (40 points)

My first submission to this glorious paint challenge. 8 x 28mm Plastic Grippng Beast Arab Archers. Part of a larger force that we all shall see grow and grow in time much like The Red and Black did this time last year.

After a long absence from all things paint brushy it took me a while to find a groove. I think I have found it now so stay tuned for more from my painting table here in Australia. Cheers everyone.
Hmmm... So many posts from you in one day Brendon it seems I've gotten them slightly out of order! No matter, it certainly doesn't diminish the quality of the work. The muted colours and low key decoration of the clothing really sets these apart mate. I love 'em! Cheers, Millsy.


  1. Nice! Does it count as a points bomb if you spread it over multiple posts?!?!?!

    1. Hell yes. A sneaky one but still a bomb none-the-less...

  2. More nice work Brendon - you've definitely hit the ground running today :)

  3. It keeps on going and going...
    Great figs Cheers PD

  4. It will be very nice to see a group shot when you get near the end. Again at the fear of repeating myself. Excellent arabs.

  5. I really like the varied look and the dirt stains on their robes. Really nice work!

  6. More excellent mixing of colors, and nice "campaign dirt" treatment too. Someone get these guys a washer woman!

  7. The campaign can be a dirty and dusty place at times. Might help last longer on the table if they look a little bit hard worn but i doubt it.
    Thanks everyone. cheers