Thursday, 7 January 2016

From StephenS - 28mm Imperial Assault Figures (25 points)

For this weeks entry I've gone back in time, to a galaxy far, far away... That's right, I'm bringing some pew pew to the challenge!

These five figures are from expansions to the 'Imperial Assault' board/miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games. This will leave me with only two more figures to paint, to ensure I have everything needed to play the campaigns from the core box, which I've kicked off with a few friends.

First up are three Rebel Troopers. For what is essentially a board game, the figures are beautiful with plenty of detail.

Next I have IG-88 and a Royal Guard Champion, who will both add a bit of punch to my Imperials, if I can unlock them during a mission. 

So, five 'big' 28 mm figures should be 25 points. However, I've only given them a glossy black base to simulate the deck of a spaceship, as they will be doing the rounds as board game pieces. So I'm happy if a few points need to be docked as a result.

Another Thursday crew member returns to the fray with something a little different and rather topical! I love what you've done with these Steve, especially the Royal Guard Champion who looks mighty fine in red and black. There's no requirement for you to base outside what would be appropriate for the miniatures in question so you've certainly earned your 25 points. Looking forward to seeing the remaining miniatures to complete the set... Cheers, Millsy


  1. Very nice - don't fancy those rebel troopers chances against the imperial reinforcements!

  2. Really nice figures with a really good paint job. very nice. cheers

  3. I have several of these game piece miniatures from other games. Your work is inspiring.

  4. Those rebel troops look very good indeed. (The imperials do as well but I am a lot less familiar with them as they are not episode 4-6 and I am an old git)

  5. Love 'em! It's not more cowbell, but more Pew-Pew! Very nice work on the minis, the Rebel troopers are my favorite of this batch, but perhaps I'm just being peckish as I still have yet to score this game! ;)

  6. Fantastic stuff Stephen. Those rebel troops make me feel very nostalgic (I always loved those clamshell helmets). Really great work, with nice punchy colours to attract the eye.

    1. ...oh, and I love the opening graphic. Hilarious!

  7. Those are indeed really nice figures for a board game. Love your crisp colors! However, the Visual Pun Police will be along shortly to take you into custody, I'm afraid.

  8. Thanks guys, the Rebel Troopers were definitely my favourites as well, love the opening scenes from episode IV!

  9. Took me a moment to get the joke...

  10. Nice! Although like Barks I was looking at the photo of Leia for a while scratching my head.