Thursday, 7 January 2016

From KeithS: 28mm Warg Cavalry and Dwarves - 68 points

Despite power outages and a lingering (and an ongoing) internet outage, I bring you the following through my tiny phone screen and a quickly downloaded Blogger app (at least the lights are on to paint and take photos!)

First up are the last three Goblins, these ones mounted on Wargs. Not much new to say on our Gobbling friends -- they're clearly the same line as my previous ones. The Wargs, however, I really, really like. They have a tremendous amount of personality (and personality go a long way).  I did them in grey tones (I did three dozen Warg cav by Alliance in browns last year and wanted something new).

From the side:

This guy with the high back saddle I decided was the boss wolf. I gave him more grey around the muzzle and blue eyes instead of green. I wanted the rider in mail with the raised sword to be on him as he looked like a boss Gobbo but he had so many packs he literally was to fat for the saddle. Alas.

Next up are eight Dwarves (7 plus a bonus I guess) scaled for 25mm. I just got them in the mail as part of a Ral Partha Kickstarter using molds from ancient days (i.e. The 80s). They were pretty straightforward and I rather liked their look. 

The gang:

An axeman:


I like to hand paint shields from time to time though I'm not at all very good at it!  These are supposed to be a red dragon and a white cockatrice which ended up wyvernish.  Meh. I've done better (and worse). Behind them is an interesting standard. For almost every figure I use tarnished bronze for anything gold or brass. But for Dwarves and Elves I go full shiny. 

Looking forward to a weekend of heavy painting (and hopefully restored Internet)!

Aah the perils of technology, I share your pain. Excellent work on the shields I have give them an extra 3 points. I thought the dwarfs looked at bit old school , but classic never the less , interesting to see them from the 80's. Hope your power returns shortly


  1. If the 80's are ancient I must be pre-historic! I really like the wargs the heads are fantastic perfect old skool fantasy!

  2. Ahhh, the mystical '80s when the great sages Egarygy Gax and Ianliv Ingstone led countless impressionable youths on a quest into mythical realms...

    Nice work on the dwarves and gobbo warg-riders :)

  3. Maybe these should have been in the Nostalgia round as well! Some brilliant old school fi!gs there, nicely done

  4. Loving this selection. Very good taste in figures and excellent painting. cheers

  5. Nice old skull figs Keith!
    Cheers Peter

  6. Great looking figures. The Dwarves seem like the fit cousins of the Citadel/ GW sculpts.

  7. Great looking forces, I really like the dwarves!
    I did figure out why I like the goblins so much with the pointy snouts that I honestly #3 daughter quipped " Hey, They look like David Bowie's goblins from Labyrinth! " ;)

  8. Oh wow, I love those wargs and riders! Fantastic. Also, I think you did a brilliant job on the shields - impressionistic but very clear and clean. Nice!

  9. Some classic fantasy figures there! Nicely done. Painting on through power outages--what a mench!

  10. Lovely work on those figures, you're right, those warg miniatures look fantastic!