Saturday, 9 January 2016

From ChrisH - The next few figures (80 Points)

The first couple of minis follow on from the Warmachine ones I submitted in my first post. These two are called light Warjacks, steam powered and magic infused mega robots from the Warmachine universe belonging to the faction known as Menoth.



Next up are some of the Reaper bones fantasy characters. I really loved the price point but I am finding it hard to paint them all. Some are great and take paint well others I am struggling with as the detail varies and the ability to hold onto the paint somewhat odd. So I am not really trying to go for top of the line paint jobs (I can't really do this anyway if I am honest). Finally some Reaper metal thieves and a couple of modern/Sci-fi Zombie Hunters.



Reaper Metal Thieves

Pink the Zombie Hunter (don't know who the manufacturer is?)

Different Angle
Bones Zombie Hunter with CHAINSAW how cool is this mini!
So going by the normal points that's 12 X 5 or anpther 60 but as the Light Warjacks are 3 times the size of a standard 28mm mini I plan on milking Curt for a few more..................please.........

Very nice work Chris. I like the bone base colour of your Warjacks, it gives them a very stylized look about them. 
Your character figures all look great but I think my favourite has to be the Blacksmith (thought I do like the zombie hunter with the pink bangs as well).
I've heard similar comments about paint adhesion with the Reaper Bones stuff. I wonder if it has something to do with the release agent they use. Would a good soak in a warm soapy dish prior to priming help? I often do this and then use an old toothbrush to scrub the figures down to make sure the release agent has been scoured away. It works the treat with my resin and plastic stuff and wonder if it might help here.
 As to the points, we've previously scored Warjacks as 54mm figures, but I'm thinking a 28mm vehicle might be more appropriate, so we'll run with that instead. That will bring your total to 80 points. Great job.


  1. Some excellent entries there - and yep, the Bones figs misbehave if you don't clean them thoroughly. But once you get the hang of their peculiarities, they can be extremely rewarding to paint, as you've amply demonstrated!

  2. Nice eclectic collection, love the robot types - look like African tribesmen in masks

  3. Great stuff Chris, and I'm always interested to see how other people have gotten on painting "Bones". I've had a few issues in the past myself.

    1. I've had more than a few issues with them but a mate has none at all. He washes carefully and then brush undercoats in acrylic. No peeling, bleeding or rubbing off like mine and we handle them extensively as they are used for D&D.

  4. I really like those Warjacks-the muted palette set off by a few contrasting bright areas really works.

    Ya, the price point on BONES is good, but the quality of the casting and the material is horrid. You did a splendid job of making inferior pieces look good.

  5. Nice stuff Chris and a rather eclectic mix to boot. I think I'm with Curt, the blacksmith is awesome.

  6. Nice to see some warjacks in the challenge. They do look very good I must admit even if they are not of my faction.

    The bones stuff also looks very good and should I ever paint any I will follow your comments very closely indeed.

  7. Very nice and eclectic! I like the brooding manga inspired chap with the massive sword.

  8. Very nice mix of painting work!!!

  9. I live the mace of the Redeemer. I also agree that the Blacksmith has that certain something. Bones is a funny material. The Eldritch Demon I painted last year didn't have any adhesion problems, but it has become sticky since I finished it. This is apparently another Bones material issue. I haven't completely ruled out bones, but I prefer Reaper metal figures for sure.

  10. Very well, when the artist paints a different miniatures, it reveals his talents as possible. Excellent work.

  11. Rely nice eclectic entry! ;)
    My favorite is the blacksmith as he is a nice bit of stage dressing. ;)

  12. OK these are different, I really like the blacksmith


  13. Thanks for all the positive comments, I too really like the blacksmith it was a nice mini from the bones collection and will add window dressing to all sorts of games. Next up some historicals rather than the scifi fantasy stuff

  14. What a cool and eclectic mix of mini's can't choose which one I like the best!

  15. Great work on the 'jacks! And a lovely assortment of Bones, to boot. :)